The Desktop Web Browser for Smartphone Users “ Sleipnir 3 for Windows / Mac (3.5 beta)” released.

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Today is the start of our new departure. That is because we are providing everyone an early chance to use the new Sleipnir 3.

Since it is still in Beta there may be some rough edges, but it is more than ready for you to experience the concept of a web browser specifically made for smartphone users.

 Sleipnir 3 bridges the gap between your desktop and your smartphone.

 If you are impatient, here’s the download link: [Download Sleipnir 3]
If you’re curious, and want to know why you should even bother to try out another browser, read on!

What is Sleipnir ?

Sleipnir is a web browser born 10 years ago in Japan. It started as an individual development project by Yasuyuki Kashiwagi before turning into a whole company. He’s still with the company, he’s our president! Sleipnir commanded popularity in Japan especially because of our advanced customization. It has been covered over the years by a vast range of online media and has received numerous awards.

In Japan, Internet Explorer possesses an overwhelmingly high share of the market, and there are many cases where websites were optimized for Trident, the rendering engine for IE, so, currently, the default rendering engine of the Sleipnir Windows version is also Trident.

The New Sleipnir Main Concept

Sleipnir has been downloaded over 30 million times. That’s a good start, but we’re not satisfied! We know we probably cannot sit on our reputation in Japan as we start to expand globally. There already are enough web browsers available in the global market and so new browsers are not seen as a necessity.

But we offer our own web browser for smartphones called Sleipnir Mobile, and we noticed ever increasing downloads and usage trends. Japan’s known for loving cell phones, but it’s obvious that mobile is the future of the Internet.

However, most people are not giving up their computer at home. They’re using both.

Other browsers have focused their development on syncing data such as bookmarks, cookies, history and tabs. This is helpful but limited. Mobile is very app focused. Imagine if you could start work on the desktop, and then, as you run out the door, link seamlessly into those mobile apps. It’s much more than just bookmarks.

Google and Apple have been expanding their platforms so they can be used by more people. However, their users do not necessarily want to be stuck using just services from Google or Apple. They probably want to use Facebook, Dropbox and Evernote, just to name three. Users who stick to just one brand are probably limited to only the extreme fanatics.

Sleipnir bridges the gap between desktop and smartphone, linking into your smartphone apps. Sleipnir can be your hub for linking every kind of OS, device and web app for users who want to use many different services on multiple platforms.

Sleipnir 3 Main functions

Let’s talk about smartphone linking functions!

Smartphone App Linker

*Please note that Sleipnir Linker iOS version is under review. Therefore, the actual product may differ from images in the above video.

You can easily link with smartphone apps from your Windows or Mac machine. You can send phone numbers, addresses, links, etc., from Sleipnir 3 to your smartphone, and then open them from your smartphone using suitable apps. For example, opening URLs of pages you are currently viewing on your desktop in your smartphone, sending the address of a restaurant you are checking out on your desktop and then opening it using a smartphone map app… and lots more currently burdensome tasks of linking your desktop and your smartphones.

Web App Linker

Similarly, you can seamlessly link web apps you usually use. For example, sending pages you are viewing to Evernote, simultaneously posting to Facebook and Twitter, directly saving images to Dropbox… a vast range of web apps and browser functions have been joined together.

Design and Performance

Let’s not forget how it looks! We’re quite proud of Sleipnir 3’s high level of design and performance. The overwhelmingly advanced functions and minimalistic design compared to other browsers is one of the main appealing points of Sleipnir 3. Internally, WebKit is now the default rendering engine of both Windows and Mac versions. And the Windows version comes with the bonus of being able to use Chrome extensions.

So, let’s try it out!

It’s easy to see for yourself how you can bridge the gap. Simply download Sleipnir and then complete the simple set up process. It involves just three steps:

Download Sleipnir 3

To Use Smartphone App Linker

  • Log in to Fenrir Pass.
  • Install Sleipnir Linker on your smartphone. [Android version] *iOS ver is coming soon.
  • Log in to Fenrir Pass from Sleipnir Linker.

To Use Web App Linker

  • Log in to Fenrir Pass.
  • Access Fenrir Pass Connect and verify the web app.

For a more detailed explanation, please read through [How To Setup Sleipnir 3]

We’d love to hear your impressions! If you’ve got comments for us, please hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you’ve got more to say, email us [info(at)]!

The official version is scheduled to be released at the end of this month, so please look for it!

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