8 things to remember to make fast use of Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.5)

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Have you tried out the recently released version 3.5 of Sleipnir 3 for Windows? It includes WebKit as the default engine that was requested by many users. Have you experienced the improved speed?

Today, I would like to introduce some tips to make better use of the new Sleipnir 3 for Windows!

You can use Trident too!

In Sleipnir 3.5, the default rendering engine has been changed to WebKit, but you can still use the Trident engine of Internet Explorer!

In version 3.5, browsing performance has been improved, and Trident has also increased in speed. This update is very attractive even for those who want to use Trident as their main engine!

You can switch from WebKit to Trident using the following method

The rendering engine for tabs can be modified from the right-button of the address bar.

 The default rendering engine can also be set from “Customize for each site”.

Additionally, for the FAQ, please read on!

I want to use WebKit function extensions

Extensions can be installed from the Chrome store! Please also try adding it to the search bar in Sleipnir 3. Please read on for how to add it!
Select the add search engine of the search bar.

All you have to do is use “Chrome Store” from the PC category and you have finished adding it!

With this, you can directly search for Chrome Extensions!

You can use the vast amount of extensions to really liven up your browsing life such as with the Twitter counter to check out how popular pages are
Use them to manage your passwords as well!

Makes browsing a piece of cake!

You can place many useful functions such as AdBlock, Firebug and Gmail. Please give them a go!
※Some extensions may not work

The settings of Extensions can be accessed from Menu>Tools>Engine option>Extensions when using WebKit.

I can not use RoboForm even though I have installed it

Roboform can only be used in Trident since Sleipnir 3.5. Please switch to the [Trident] rendering engine, or install the RoboForm Lite Chrome Extension.

I can’t use keyboard shortcuts anymore

Soft shortcuts that use keyboard shortcuts such as IME may clash with those in Sleipnir resulting in them not working. In that situation, please delete the clashing shortcut or change it.

You can change them from Menu>Customize>Keyboard.

Flash content doesn’t display

Flash Player is not installed in WebKit. Please install it from the page below.

Adobe Flash Player

Place the command bar in the tool bar

The command bar that was normally displayed can be set by selecting customize from the user interface at the top of page(Press Alt key if not displayed).  It can also be displayed after right-clicking the tool bar.

The internal system that used to display properly doesn’t work anymore

There is a possibility that it does not support WebKit.
Please switch to Trident for the rendering engine mode with the target page open.

I am using Windows XP + IE8, and I hove noticed that displaying of pages was faster before 3.5

There are occasions when Trident works better than WebKit depending on the specs of the computer or operating system/Internet Explorer version used. Please change the default rendering engine from WebKit to Trident from the settings screen in this case. This will set it so tabs are opened using Trident by default.


Regarding the tab crashing issue for WebKit in some environments

It was reported by a user using WebKit in Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.5) that if  nProtect Gameguard is run, tabs would crash. Please do not run nProtect Gameguard. The issue is currently being investigated.

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