How to use Fenrir Pass bookmark syncing

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Have you tried out Fenrir Pass yet?

With Fenrir Pass you can link with smartphone apps and web services, and sync bookmarks.

Today, I want to introduce how to create an account and sync bookmarks so you can sync bookmarks with Fenrir Pass.

Please check here for further information regarding Smartphone App Linker and Web App Linker.

Create a Fenrir Pass account

This is the procedure for creating a Fenrir Pass account in Sleipnir for Windows.


1. Create a new account from the menu button.


 ※[File] > [Fenrir Pass] > [Create new account] when accessing from the menu bar.


2. Check the usage agreement, and then click [continue].



3. Input your username, password, e-mail address, and then click [Create].



4. Select the service to use, and then click [OK].



5. Select the method for syncing bookmarks, and then click [OK].


 After all this, your account will have been created and you will be already logged-in.

Sync bookmarks with Sleipnir Mobile for Android

This is the procedure for syncing bookmarks with Sleipnir Mobile for Android.


1. After starting the app up, press the hard key settings button, and then select [Bookmark list].



2. Press the hard key settings button, and then select [Sync].



3. Input the username and password for the Fenrir Pass account you created in Sleipnir for Windows, and then select [Login].



After all this, you will be logged-in and your bookmarks will be synced.


Bookmarks are also synced with Sleipnir for Android when registered in Sleipnir for Windows.

Please give it a go!

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