Sleipnir 3 for Windows – Introduction to Tab functions

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Today, I will be introducing tab functions in Sleipnir 3 for Windows. There are a vast range of different useful functions for managing tabs available in Sleipnir 3 for Windows. Please check them out below!

Protect tabs

Tabs can be protected so that you do not accidentally close them.

How to use:On top of the tab you want to protect, double left-click or right-click and select [Protect tab]. Once the drawing pin mark is displayed the tab is protected.


Tabs can be turned into much smaller Tablets. These are great for sites you always leave open such as social network services and e-mail services.

How to use:Just right-click on a tab and then click [Tablet]. As you can see a Tablet has been created at the far-left of the tab bar.

Tab pop-up

This can be used to easily check the details of pages that are not active such as a screen capture, title and URL.

How to use:Just place the mouse cursor over the tab you want to check!

List of tabs

Currently open tabs can be displayed in a list.

How to use:When you click on the downwards arrow at the right-edge of the tab bar a list is displayed.

Restore tabs

Currently open tabs can be automatically restored next time your start-up the browser in Sleipnir. Even if you close Sleipnir when you have 10 tabs open, the next time you start it up, Sleipnir will start-up with the same 10 tabs.

How to not restore tabs:If you do not want tabs to be restored on start-up, please insert a check into [Customize|Client|Tab|Restore tabs |Restore tabs on start-up > [Do not restore].

Delete tabs

Tabs can be cleared up in the way you like with tab functions such as “close all tabs on left” and “close all tabs except for this one”.

How to use:In order to close the current tab, you can either draw an “L” character while holding down the right-click button, or you can click the [X] at the side of the tab.

In order to close multiple tabs at once, please use the options from the menu displayed when you right-click a tab, or from the tab pop-up view.

Switch tabs

Sleipnir lets you smoothly move between tabs how ever many are left open.

How to use:Move left or right on web pages with the mouse while holding down the right-click button. Tabs can also be scrolled through by selecting tabs and moving the mouse wheel.

Restoring closed tabs

You can restore tabs that you accidentally closed or were just viewing a moment or even a while ago.

How to use:Draw a squarish “U” character on the page while holding down the right-click button. The closed tab history list can also be displayed by clicking the downwards arrow mark next to te clock mark in the command bar located at the top-right of Sleipnir. If  the command bar is not displayed, please click on the blue Sleipnir menu button, go to View>Tool bar, and make sure Command bar has been checked.

Customize tabs

Detailed customization of tabs can be performed such as adjusting the width, height, location and rows used.

● Change the size of tabs

How to use:You can insert the value of your choice in [Tab width] and [Tab height] located in Customize|Client|Tab|Tab. The units used are pixels.

● Display tabs in multiple rows

Tabs are compactly displayed in 1 row for the default settings. Even if you change the width of tabs, with the default settings if you keep adding tabs at some point tabs will have to be shrunk to fit in the limited space. If you want to avoid this, you can adjust the tab bar to be displayed of multiple rows. With this option on, even if you open lots and lots of tabs, it is still easy to understand the contents of tabs.

How to use:Select [Multi-row view] from the pull-down menu in [Style] of Customize|Client|Tab|Tab.

● Change the positioning of the tab bar

The tab bar can be arranged at the top, bottom, left or right of the window. The screen-capture below shows the tab bar located at the left of the window.

How to use:Select Up, Down, Left or Right from the pull-down menu located in Customize|Client|Tab|Tab > [Tab positioning].

● Other customization

There are also many other customization fields made available such as setting the tab to be displayed after closing tabs.

How to use:Select your desired setting from Customize|Client|Tab after clicking the blue Sleipnir button at the top-left of the browser(Tools for Windows XP users).

Other options in the right-click menu

There are many other options provided for you in the right-click menu of tabs such as [Duplicate tab] and [Copy title and URL].

Tab groups

Tab groups are a function for sorting and managing tabs just like using index labels for business cards and address books.

↑30 tabs are open in the image above. If you manage these using tab groups…

↑ Enlarged image:Tabs become easier to find, and a lot more pleasant to look at.

How to use:If you click the the icon of 2 tabs together, the tab groups bar is displayed. Afterwards, just like with standard tabs, all you have to do is click on the [+] button at the right-edge of tabs to open new tab groups.

● Change the name of tab groups

Changing the names of tab groups can make managing tabs a lot easier.

How to set:Right-click on the tab group you want to change, select [Rename group] from the displayed menu, and the input the name of your choice.

● Change the color of tab groups

You can set the color of tab groups from a total of 20 different colors. Please compare the differences in the screen-capture above.

How to set:Right-click on the tab group you want to change, and then select the color of your choice from [Change group color] in the displayed menu.

● Change the tab icon of tab groups

The icon used for a tab group can be changed to the icon of your choice from the icons used in open tabs in that tab group.

How to set:Right-click on a tab group, and select the icon of your choice displayed in [Change icon].

● Register to bookmarks in one go

Open tabs in tab groups can be registered to your bookmarks in one go.


How to save:Right-click on the tab group, select [Save as bookmarks], and input the names of your choice.

And that is the end to this guide to tabs in Sleipnir 3 for Windows. Please use the settings that help you manage all your tabs while browsing the web.



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