Sleipnir Linker for iPhone Released:Bridge the gap between your desktop and smartphone.

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Sorry for keeping all you iPhone users out there waiting! Today, we have released Sleipnir Linker for iOS!

Download Sleipnir Linker for iPhone(Free)

With Sleipnir Linker you can seamlessly call phone numbers or even open pages and maps on your desktop from your iPhone. I already introduced it when Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.5β) was released, but please let me tell you once again about the impressive points of Sleipnir Linker!

Stress free with your desktop + smartphone

For example, do you ever want to call to make a reservation, check a map, or send your friend a message when you find a restaurant you want to go to on your favorite gourmet search site?

There are many other scenarios where you may want to make phone calls and check maps such as for travel accommodation, beauty clinic and dentist reservations.

Up until now, in this occasion, most people would dial with their hands while keeping your eye on the screen, or re-enter names of shops to search in maps.

All this bother even though their desktop and smartphone are both right in front of you! It just doesn’t feel like the modern age of today. If you think about, don’t you feel that clicking on a phone number on your desktop to call from your smartphone is just an expected function?

Sleipnir 3 makes it an expected function

To get started using it all you need is Sleipnir 3 and the new Android / iPhone app “Sleipnir Linker” to link with it. Which ever version you use, all you need to do is log-in once, all finished in just several minutes.

Sleipnir Linker

Information appears from the smartphone using push notifications, so linking is made possible without the need to have the app open. This is what real stress-free is. You don’t even have to be ready for it with your smartphone in your hand.

Call phone numbers being viewed on your desktop

Just clicking phone numbers! That’s it!

Sleipnir automatically turns text detected as phone numbers into links. After using it a few times, you will start feel as if this function is just a standard function that has always existed.

Because phone numbers are displayed as links, just click.
With Sleipnir Linker in addition to sending information, you can even add to your contacts.

There is also a setting for sending without having to confirm. Open after receiving the notification and you are calling. Once you are used to it, life becomes much easier than before. Click on your desktop, and tap on your smartphone, and straight to your ears, how smart!

Check addresses from your desktop in a map

Text can be sent to your smartphone by selecting text, right-clicking and then selecting the option. When this text is an address, it is possible to open it using a map app from Linker.

You can select whatever text you like by selecting and using right-click.
In addition to maps, copying and sending in messages also possible.

Send pages your are viewing on your desktop using texts

Links can also be sent. Using Sleipnir Linker to open sent information in Sleipnir Mobile or Safari is just standard, but you can also send messages to friends, and copy and open in other applications.

When you send to Sleipnir Linker, the top-left of the page curls up as a confirmation.

Please experience  the new no-barriers between Sleipnir 3 and your smartphone on your iPhone!

Download Sleipnir Linker for iPhone(Free)

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