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Have you tried out the recently released Sleipnir Linker yet?
If you use Sleipnir Linker, you can seamlessly send information from Sleipnir on your Windows/Mac desktop computer to your smartphone while browsing.
Phone numbers, URLs, text, and maps can also be sent to Sleipnir Linker from the Sleipnir web browser. Pages can be immediately opened in Google Maps from your smartphone.

Sleipnir Linker is available for iPhone and Android.

Download Sleipnir Linker for iPhone
Download Sleipnir Linker for Android

Requirements to open using a map app

This function is defined using a scheme called URL scheme in iOS, and when specific URLs are viewed in Safari, those URLs can be taken and displayed in other apps.
Of course there is a link to Google Maps included, and instead of a browser, a map app opens when a Google Maps URL is used. However, not all pages in Google Maps can be displayed using map apps. Only URLs that meet the following requirements can be displayed using map apps.

– The domain must be and the subdomain must be maps or ditu.
– The path must be /, /maps, /local, or /m if the query contains site as the key and local as the value.
– The path cannot be /maps/*.

In addition to these requirements, there are a few limitations on the supported parameters. Pages from Google Maps that do not meet the requirements are sent to Safari, so web pages open instead.

It may appear a little strange, or even dodgy, but this is a Google service, and one that is officially supported by iOS. Upon checking for a little more information, it seems that it is a Google Maps service that meets Chinese law, and due to the Chinese law, the accurate locations and locations displayed on the map are slightly different. is what provides this revised data.
I tried displaying a location inside China using, and then changed the sub-domain to ditu, and could definitely see a small difference in the displayed locations. Also, ditu is full of override information for satellitle images.

A little extra information

When URLs from Google Maps are sent to Sleipnir Linker, of course the expected operation is to link to a map app. However, when you send URLs from Google Maps as they are, localization related queries are included, and you often move away from the Map links specification resulting in unexpected operations. This is where Sleipnir Linker removes those unsupported queries from the URL of Google Maps, and modifies it to a form that best suits the specification of Map Links so that they can be displayed using a map app (unfortunately, queries that can not be supported by Map Links can not be displayed).


This explanation focuses on the iPhone version of Sleipnir Linker, but Sleipnir Linker is also available on Android.

Also, if you are not already using the Windows / Mac version of Sleipnir, please check them out:

Sleipnir 3 for Windows
Sleipnir 3 for Mac
Download Sleipnir Linker for iPhone
Download Sleipnir Linker for Android

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