Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.1 released

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Today, we have released Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.1 offering linking with a number of various web services.

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Sleipnir Mobile in the Google Play store

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Extensions Gallery

[Important notification] There is a vulnerability issue regarding WebView class in Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.0.4 and earlier versions (including Black Edition).
Please make sure to update to the latest version. Further information below:
JVN#88643450 (Japanese only)

Web App Linker

Following Sleipnir 3 for Windows/Mac, Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone/iPad, Sleipnir Mobile for Android can now also link with web services.

Sharing, save to the cloud, sending to [Read Later] services can all be completed in as little as 2 taps! What is more, the same web service settings are used for all versions of Sleipnir, you don’t even need to change the settings when starting to use the services on other platforms. Stress-free and really convenient. Please give it a go!

So, please let me introduce it briefly. Firstly, you can press the button at the left edge of the tab bar to display the action panel.

Pressing the button at the left edge of the middle level logs you into Fenrir Pass. When you do so, the action panel is displayed like below.

Web service linking functions are grouped together in the middle level of the action panel. The following functions are assigned in order from left to right.
・Share on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Tumblr/Flickr/Google+ 
・Read Later via Readability/Instapaper/Pocket 
・Save to cloud via Dropbox/Evernote/SkyDrive
・Send to other smartphone

For example, a dialogue like below is displayed when [Read Later] is executed.

Just select the web service to send to and press the send button and you are finished.

Furthermore, if you insert a check in [Do not confirm again], you can send to the same web services without the confirmation dialogue being displayed in the future. You can also bring back the dialogue by performing a long press on the action panel or by removing the check from [Do not confirm again] in the setting screen.

Action panel

Executing web service linking from the action panel is just like previously stated in the previous paragraph, but in addition to web service linking, there are many other functions that can be called from the action panel.

The following functions have been assigned in order from left to right in the top level.
・Display search screen
・Display setting screen
・Display download history screen
・Close application

The following functions have been added to the bottom level in order from left to right.
・Add/Edit/Delete current page in favorites
○Display bookmark list screen with a long press
・Share current page with intent
・Switch user agent from standard⇔PC
○Edit page display mode with a long press
・Search in page

The one we really recommend is the function for switching to a PC user agent in one go. It is function we received countless requests for, so please check it out!

Other modifications in 2.1

The other modifications for 2.1 are as below:
・Settings for when syncing bookmarks added
・Russian language support added: 
 Thanks! Дмитрий Пришлецов
・Spanish language support added: 
 Thanks! [新一 TheGreatOne]
・Chinese (Traditional) language support added: 
 Thanks! Sam Pogert

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