Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 2.0 released

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Sleipnir Mobile

Thank you everybody for waiting! The latest version (2.0) of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad was released today!

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In the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile, support for various web services has been added just like in the desktop browser for smartphone users –  Sleipnir 3.

Whether you want to tweet or share, save to the cloud, or even use the so called “Read Later” service, you can start using the services you often use in the same way across all versions of Sleipnir by just setting them once.

What is more, the desktop versions of Sleipnir can also do the same thing, and because it can be done with a single sign-on, there is no need to authenticate again.

Tweet, Read Later, Save to the cloud

Using web services integrated into the browser has also become possible for Sleipnir Mobile. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter, adding to Read Later, and saving to the cloud can all be performed as if functions implemented into the browser.

Action Panel

When you are logged-in to Fenrir Pass
the icons for web services are enabled.

The following web services are supported. When you authenticate everyday services using Fenrir Pass, not only in iPhone / iPad, but you can also use them from Sleipnir on Mac or Windows.

Share: Twitter、Facebook、LinkedIn、Tumblr、Google+
Read Later: Readability、Instapaper、Pocket
Save to cloud: Dropbox、Evernote、Skydrive

OAuth authentication is used so there is no need to worry because account information is not stored by Fenrir Pass. Also. for the few web services that do not support OAuth authentication, account information is managed on your local disk for security reasons.

You can create a Fenrir Pass account for free. The set-up only takes a few minutes, so please first try it out. Of course, users who have been using Fenrir Pass until now to sync their bookmarks can use the same account to link web services.

Open Fenrir Pass Connect

Share page


You can send to all services with accounts connected in one go.
You can also change the set to be sent to from the icons at the bottom.

Read Later

Read Later

“Read Later” like saving bookmarks
You can add instantly after tapping [Do not ask again].

Save to cloud

Save to the Cloud

Whole pages can be captured as PNG images and saved to the cloud.

Please try out the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile that integrates everyday web services for even smoother browsing!

Check out Sleipnir Mobile in the App Store

Fenrir Pass Connect 

The new and improved versions of Sleipnir for Windows and Mac are also available!

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