Fenrir Inc. wins SF Beta Award!

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Today, I have some very happy news. At the recently held demo event “SF Beta” on July 25th, Sleipnir received the “SF Beta Awards”! This award is presented to the most popular demo based on the votes of attendees.

What is SF Beta?

SF Beta is a demo event that is held once every 2 months in San Francisco for hopeful start-ups to show-off their proud IT products and services. The start-up attendees range from hacker-type IT professionals to designers and investors, coming in their hundreds.

You could say that it is a battle-ground for those wanting to show-off their new services and those looking for new start-ups with possibilities. There is a chance of getting spotted by investors and receiving hundreds of thousand of dollars in investment. 8 companies attended, such as BOX that has recently become big news, and others such as astrid and

In the IT holy-land of San Francisco, start-up companies are full of enthusiasm to pitch their company and products.

What is the event like?

These kind of pitches most often happen around 6pm to 7pm. Out of the attendees, not only are there many people participating in companies, but there also seems to be many who have their main job elsewhere, but participate in start-ups with their friends or a circle.

The location is often in a relaxed style at a club or gallery, looking at what you like while having a drink. And even though it is called a demo, nobody will take a look at your product if you just show a slideshow. The important point is to actually show the product in action and create an exciting demo.

At this SF Beta there wasn’t even anything resembling a stage. Fenrir Inc. borrowed a small table and stood-up to the challenge. If there is no stage, then you have to get people gathering around the table or you’ve failed….it’s quite heart-racing.

The Sleipnir demo@SF beta

Lots and lots of different people came to watch our demo one after another, so it was a great success. Because we were using a small table, only 7-10 people could watch at a time, but people wanting to view our demo kept on coming. So much so that the demonstrator didn’t even have any time to rest.

This time we mainly introduced smartphone linking Sleipnir Linker and web service linking, met with high praise. Furthermore, there were lots of frank opinions flying around such as “Can’t you link with other browsers?” and “The name is too hard to remember”.

Somehow we managed to overcome the difficult questions to receive a star-topped trophy!

We are looking into increasing the amount of on-site activities like this to introduce the merits of Sleipnir all over the world.

And if you haven’t yet tried out Sleipnir, please give it a go!

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