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Linking with web services and smartphones from your desktop browser has become possible since the release of Sleipnir 3 for Windows / Mac(3.5). You can link with web services using Fenrir Pass Connect, and you can link to your smartphone with Sleipnir Linker for iPhone and of course Sleipnir Linker for Android too!

Today, I will be introducing what Sleipnir can actually do.

Download Sleipnir Linker for Android

Download Sleipnir Linker for iPhone

What Sleipnir Linker can do!

Sleipnir Linker bridges the gap between desktop and smartphone.

The preparations for linking your desktop and smartphone are finished by just installing the app and logging into Fenrir Pass.

Afterwards, you can send phone numbers, text and URLs from your desktop to open them in the application of your choice from your smartphone.

1. Send a URL

In order to send a web page being viewed on Windows, all you have to do is click [Send page to mobile device] after clicking the Fenir Pass Connect button.

2. Send text

Select text on web pages, right-click and then click [Send “” to mobile device].

3. Send a phone number

Phone numbers are automatically turned into links when logged into Fenrir Pass, so all you have to do is click the links.

The phone number is sent to your Android device straight away, and then you receive a notification by a Sleipnir Linker icon being displayed in the notification bar at the top-left of your Android device.

After this, all you have to do is pull down the notification bar, and tap the Linker notification and you are finished. You can use this to start calling a phone number on your desktop from your smartphone in a matter of seconds.

You can even send addresses to your smartphone. This is great for times when you are supposed to meet up with your friends at say a restaurant or bar because all you have to do is select the address, send it to your smartphone, and you can open it using a map app.

About the history and settings

Managing the history

Sleipnir Linker also saves the history of received data.


When you start the app, the history of received data is displayed in a list.

You can send phone numbers of a restaurant you found on a restaurant review site from your desktop so you can make a reservation from your smartphone.
If you really enjoyed the restaurant then you can even save the phone number to your contacts to easily remember the phone number for when making another reservation in the future.

Start the app and tap a phone number from the displayed list, then tap on [Display dialer*] to register the phone number.

Even the site that the data was sent from is displayed in the history list, so there is no need to waste time wondering which phone number from the list it was.

And of course, you can also delete the history.

・Individual deletion

You can delete individual items by tapping the history, and selecting [Remove*].

・Delete the list

You can delete everything in the list by pressing the menu button, and then tapping [Clear*].

Phone and open the settings instantly

I sent a phone number so I want to start calling it straight away! Don’t worry, you can do this too!

Press the menu button, and then tap [Settings] > [Phone number]*.

You can start calling a phone number that has been sent straight away from next time by inserting a check into [Call immediately]*. In the same way, there is also a [Open immediately] option for web pages. If you insert a check in this option sent data will be displayed straight away in a browser app.

Did this article help you understand about how to use Sleipnir Linker? If you have any unanswered questions please get in contact via one of the support services.

Download Sleipnir 3 for Windows/Mac

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