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Do you use bookmarks in your web browser?

Depending on the browser you use they may be called “my favorites” instead. Whatever they are called, they have some purpose – to save pages so they are easy to access when you want. However, although they are meant to make everyday browsing easier, they can still be a bother to add, and once you have added many bookmarks(once it becomes a habit, you can easily have tens or even hundreds), they can be difficult to find, just resulting in having to search for the site name which is just the same as not using bookmarks.

Bookmarks in Sleipnir 3 for Windows are always set to display by default featuring a vast number of features such as automatically arranging by visit data and managing them by colorful labels. You can even sync bookmarks with Sleipnir on Mac, iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone. I will be introducing how to cleverly manage your favorite sites using bookmarks below!

Add bookmarks

First thing’s first, once you have added a bookmark, there is no need to search for the page anymore, you can simply click the bookmark to open the page.

How to use:Click the “☆” mark displayed in the address bar, specify the save destination, and then change the name to something easy to use. Once the”★” mark has turned yellow the page has been added. You can also drag and drop active tabs to the bookmark panel to add them.

Open pages from bookmarks

Once you have added a bookmark, why don’t you try opening it.

How to use:Click the “★” mark below the address bar, select the folder you saved the bookmark to, and then click the bookmark.

Bookmarks bar

If you register a page to the bookmarks bar, you can quickly access it with just one click!

How to use:Select the bookmark folder when adding a bookmark.

The slightly advanced way:I recommend not displaying a name when you can distinguish a site by its name. Once you have added a page to the bookmarks bar, you can delete the name by right-clicking it and then deleting from “Rename…”. The bookmarks bar becomes much more pleasing on the eyes when only icons are aligned.

Always display the bookmark panel

You can set the bookmark panel to always be displayed.

How to use:Click the bookmark icon, and then click the “|←” mark displayed at the top-right.

Panel floating display

You can set the the panel to be automatically displayed when the cursor is brought to the edge of the window.

How to use:Go to Customize|Client|Panel and insert a check into “Automatically display panel when the cursor is brought to the edge of the window”.

Sort bookmarks

Bookmarks can be set to be automatically sorted by name, URL, visit data, etc. Sorting by name makes it easier to find, by date makes it easier to find bookmarks you recently visited.

How to use:Right-click on the bookmarks panel, and then click either “Name”, “Date” or “Last visit time”. You can also specify “Ascending” or “Descending” order.

Manage labels

Bookmarks can be managed using colorful labels and ribbons.

How to use:Display the bookmarks panel, and then click “Label” of Management.

Open all bookmarks from a folder in a group

You can open all bookmarks added to a specified folder in a tab group in one go. And once you have finished, you can simply close the tab group.

How to use:Right-click on the folder you want to open, and then click “Open all in a new group”. A tab group with the title used for the folder will be created.

Import bookmarks

Bookmarks can be directly imported from other browsers, or indirectly via a HTML file.

How to import:You can import data from Start menu (“File” for Windows XP users)|Fenrir Pass|Import data.

Sync bookmarks

Bookmarks can be automatically synced between the Windows, Mac, iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone versions of Sleipnir using the free cloud service called Fenrir Pass.

How to use:You can create an account from Start menu (“File” for Windows XP users)|Fenrir Pass| Create new account. Please select “Log in” if you already have an account. Once you have created an account, all you have to do is login on your iPhone or Android in the same way. Please check here for further information regarding Fenrir Pass.

And that is the end to this introduction on how to manage bookmarks in Sleipnir 3. Hopefully, after learning all this, you will have no problems managing bookmarks even when you start to lose count of how many you have, so feel free to keep adding the sites you love!

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