Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.6.1) released!

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Sleipnir 3 for Mac

Today, Sleipnir 3 for Mac has been updated. In the latest version 3.6.1, “Sites Updates” that recommends site update information in the new tab has been made even clever, tab switching using swiping, gesture adjustments and more have been made, raising the level of v3.6.

Also, Portuguese language support has been added!

Download Black Edition from the product page

New functions and modifications in v3.6.1

The following improvements have been added to v3.6.1 (Please check out this article for information regarding the new functions).

An even clever Site Updates
– “Show next” button:Shown when the cursor is aligned with the updated contents
– Old updated contents set to hide after a while
– Ignores very small images
– Adjusted display order of updated contents
– Button and display actions improved
– Reset memorized sites: Open the menu from “Recommended” at the top of the screen

Improved actions when swiping to switch tabs
– Adjusted for even smoother movements
– Swiping pages right in horizontally-long pages improved
– Moving in the opposite direction when switching consecutively fixed
– Site Updates page switching action improved
– Reliability of right-button operations improved

TiledTab actions improved
– Domain displayed in grouped tabs
– Alignment order of tabs not being reflected when expanding grouped tabs fixed

Portuguese language added – Thanks to Rudá de Ourofino!

Focus leaving viewed page fixed
Movement distance of gesture adjusted
Re-display confirmation of “Read Later”, “Save page to cloud”: Option + selecting it to display even when skipping
Button for closing tabs not being shown for Retina Display fixed
Reliability of actions improved

Please try out the new touch gesture operations and cleaned-up design for yourself!

Download Black Edition from the product page


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