Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.7) released.: Private browsing added and improved tab switches!

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Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.7) released

Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.7) has been released today.

This version offers Private Browsing and tab switches that you can switch tabs with keyboard shortcuts while viewing tabs.

Download Sleipnir 3 for Mac Black Edition.

Private Browsing

In response to many requests, Private Browsing function has been added. Please make use of it when you are lending your Mac to your friend, making a secret plan, or anytime you don’t want to leave browsing records. You can view websites without leaving any History or Cookies.

Private Browsing menu

Hold down TiledTab icon and select “Private Browsing”, then it’s started.

Private Browsing tab background

The tab background changes in Private Browsing mode.

Private Browsing TiledTab

In TiledTab screen, tab groups are displayed in icons while Private Browsing.

You can enter Private Browsing by tab groups. The records of websites viewed in Private Browsing are not stored.

Furthermore, when you exit Sleipnir while in Private Browsing mode, all tabs in the tab group are closed and Private Browsing mode is canceled. Therefore, you can start Sleipnir again without any sign of having been used in Private Browsing before.

Tab Switches

You can switch tabs while viewing them with shortcuts such as Command + `.

Tab Switch

Switch tabs as viewing them like an application switcher.

Next Tab Command+`/Command+F1/Option+Tab
Previous Tab Shift+the above mentioned keys
Close W

When you would like to use F1 (function key), it is necessary to select “Use as standard function keys” in the Preferences.

It works as same as tab switch shortcuts for OS X standard. Just press W key to close tabs. You can easily close unnecessary tabs as switching tabs.

Just try and see!

Support OS X service(Mountain Lion)

You can send texts and links from other applications to Sleipnir Linker via Services.

OS X offers a service that lets you access particular functions from other applications. Using Service, it is now possible to use Sleipnir mobile linking function from other applications.

Services menu

Services can be found in the application name menu. It also appears with right click.

For example, you can select texts in email messages and sent them to iPhone or other smartphones. You can also create a memo with text editor and send it directly.

Service Preview

Sleipnir Linker leaves History so you can copy & paste and reuse them.

As long as texts can be selected, you can send them from pretty much all Mac applications.

Currently, Sleipnir service only support Mountain Lion.

Other updates

  • – [Swipe to switch tabs] action improved
  • – Switch tab groups immediately: Hold down TiledTab icon
  • – Access bookmarks immediately: Hold down a new tab icon
  • – Gestures improved
  • – Site Updates improved
  • – [Press option twice to enter TiledTab] action improved
  • – Right/left end tabs are looped when tabs are being switched
  • – Unable to display certain languages fixed
  • – Reliability of actions improved


We hope you will enjoy the latest Sleipnir 3 for Mac!

Download Sleipnir 3 for Mac Black Edition.

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