Sleipnir 3 for Windows 3.6 released with FeedReader that makes gathering social media news surprisingly simple

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We released the latest version of Sleipnir 3 for Windows with a newly implemented news reader function.

The newly added news reader(FeedReader) only gathers the information you want from updated social media information, being a function where you can quickly read what you want with the simple screen.

There are many services and software for gathering news feeds of social media services you are registered with, but most of them have been made to view and enjoy. However, marketers and journalists and bloggers who distribute specific information usually want to efficiently obtain only the information they require and process it as fast as possible rather than view and enjoy it. This FeedReader makes it possible to obtain information more efficiently than any other news reader.

In FeedReader we have made it possible to obtain only the information you require from your desired media services with as few operations as possible using the interface we have prepared for obtaining information with your desired keywords from social media services like Facebook and news aggregators like Google News that already often used for gathering information.

For example, when you want to obtain iPhone5 information, you can take only news related to iPhone5 from media such as iPhone5n on Twitter, Google News and Technorati, and subscribe. This is also supported for image social media services such as Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.
Logging-in beforehand in order to obtain information is not required at all. You are not even required to be a user of that social media service.

FeedReader, unlike standard web-format news readers, can download all at once and display offline to provide amazingly fast processing of feeds.

We are planning optimize it for smartphone users so that it is possible to view registered feeds on your smartphone and more.

Main features of the newly added FeedReader of Sleipnir:
– Feed Central (An interface for easily customizing feeds) Facebook Page, Twitter(List/Search), Pinterest, Google News, Instagram, Digg, Youtube, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, Technorati, deviantArt, delicious, and all individual RSS feeds
– Loading of Google Reader feed lists
– Managing feed labels
– Switching between view modes
– Spam filters
– Offline viewing
– Importing/exporting OPML

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