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Have you tried out the new version of Sleipnir 3 for Windows yet with WebKit, Chrome Extensions support and linking to web services and smartphones? Linking to web services is done using Fenrir Pass Connect. Today, I want to introduce some tips for making better use of Fenrir Pass Connect.

[Do not ask again] setting

The dialog below is displayed when [Read Later] or [Save] is executed in Fenrir pass Connect.

[Read Later] and [Save] are different in comparison with [Share] in the way that there is no need to edit the text being sent. If there is no need to change the selection status of the service being posted to, you probably think it would be better if you could just post it without this dialog being displayed, right?


If you think this, then insert the check into [Do not ask again]. From next time, posting will be executed without displaying the confirmation dialog.
I really suggest this if you like keeping the time daily task take to a minimum.

When this settings is set to ON, the 「▼」 mark to the bottom-right of the action panel icon is displayed. When it becomes this status, the confirmation dialog is not displayed with the standard icon click, but the dialog is dusplayed when the icon is right-clicked or held down.


Execute Fenrir Pass Connect actions using keyboard shortcuts

As you probably already know, there are many actions in Sleipnir for Windows that have keyboard shortcuts assigned to right from the minute you start using it. (Please check here for the list of keyboard shortcuts )

The actions for calling each of the functions in Fenrir Pass Connect has also been defined, and assigned to the following keyboard shortcuts.

Function Action name Key
Share page PassConnectSharePage Ctrl + Shift + J
Read page later PassConnectReadLaterPage Ctrl + Shift + K
Save page to cloud PassConnectSavePage Ctrl + Shift + L
Open page in mobile device PassConnectPushPage Ctrl + Shift + M


These keyboard assignments can be changed to the keys of your choice from the Sleipnir menu > Customize(C)… > Keyboard > Shortcut key settings….


Sending pages you are viewing to your mobile in one go with keyboard shortcuts really makes web life a lot easier, so please give it a go.

Fenrir Pass Connect has been available since the release of Sleipnir 3.5 last month. If you haven’t tried out please give Sleipnir 3 for Windows/Mac a go, and if you have any feedback please feel free to let us know!

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