Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.7.1) released! Freely add search engines, and support for Retina Display added

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Today, Sleipnir 3 for Mac has been updated. In the latest version 3.7.1, a function to add your desired search services to Sleipnir, a range of bookmarks bar improvements and Retina Display support has been added!

Download Black Edition from the product page

Freely add search services

You can now add your desired search services in the search field located at the top-right of Sleipnir.

Right-click on search fields located on a variety of web pages and then add them. You can search Google and Wikipedia from the search field!

Right-click on the search field on pages,
and “add as search service…”.

Furthermore, you can also click one of the suggested search services here and add them. Once you have the latest version of Sleipnir installed, how about trying adding some of these services?

You can search using the search service of your choice by pressing command + number instead of return in the search field. Up until now, it was necessary to open the site you want to search first, but now you can search directly from Sleipnir!

Input keywords, and press “Command + Number”.

Manage added services from “Search services” located in the Sleipnir environment settings.
You can use “Command + Number” in the order sorted here.

Retina Display support

The beautiful high-resolution graphics of MacBook Pro Retina Display Model is now supported. This is probably one you should view with your own eyes, but….

This is the actual size.

The windows and buttons of Sleipnir are even more beautiful with Retina Display!
Using know-how from iOS the finest details have been modified.

Other modifications

The actions when the bookmarks bar is operated have been substantially improved, and reliability has also been improved. Also, bugs have been fixed and other actions have been improved.

Please try out the new searching potential of Sleipnir 3 for Mac.

Download Black Edition from the product page


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