Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.8) released! “bind related tabs” function perfect for anyone who opens links in new tabs added!

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Today, Sleipnir 3 for Mac has been updated. In the latest version 3.8, a new function to display related tabs together on the tab has been added!

When links are opened, they are joined with their parent so finding related tabs becomes extremely clear! It may seem a little basic, but it’s a function you won’t want to be without once you try it out.

Download Black Edition from the product page

Also, support for the 4 inch display of iPhone 5 has been added to the following:

Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad
Sleipnir Linker

Bind related tabs

Have you ever found that you are in the middle of checking something when you decide to open a link shared on Facebook, and then you find that can not remember what tabs were the results you checked for?

Because most people open lots of different kinds of links based on what they are browsing, searching for tabs later can be real trouble when tabs for different purposes get mixed together.

In order so that does not happen, you might often find yourself aligning tabs left and right, and viewing and closing tabs in order…but don’t you just want tabs to open automatically based on the purpose?

In the latest version of Sleipnir, when you open a link in a new tab, it is bound with related tabs.

Links opened as tabs appear bound together.

Tabs opened from one side in search results also appear the same.

Tabs opened from other apps are displayed separately so they really stand out!

Thumbnails have been introduced here, but it is exactly the same with standard tabs too.

Move related tabs

It’s not just about binding automatically. You can move tabs manually after opening them too. All you have to do is drag!

Stuck to the tab nearby.

You can also bind just necessary tabs in another location.

View related tabs by relation

Even if the amount of related tabs increase and extend to the side, there is nothing to worry about. Just press the option key twice. Yes, TiledTab!

Pressing the option key twice for TiledTab!

Tabs are bound by relationship.

Open with space, expand bound tabs with the return key.

Close related tabs in one shot

If you have finished checking everything, or you have read through all the links, what do you do? Close all related tabs in one shot, that’s what.

This is possible in TiledTab too. Once you have finished with everything, close everything by purpose at a time.

Select with the arrow keys, and then command + W.

Using the close button is also OK! Simple.

So, what do you think? “Related tabs” recommended for all those people who open links in new tabs. Give it a go.

Download Black Edition from the product page

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