Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.3 released! Ad block function!

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Today, Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.3 was released with an ad block function and improvements to basic usage.

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Ad block function (For devices using Android 3.0 and later)

The ad block function in the iPhone / iPad has now come to the Android version too!

Data is blocked from specific hosts. This not only removes those pesky ads, but it also makes pages load faster!

What is more, if you use it in conjunction with the extension that removes adverts published in the Extensions Gallery, you can remove even more ads.

※The ad block function implemented on devices run in Android 3.0 and later version. Please understand that it won’t work in Android 2.x versions. Extensions can be used in any device.

Improvements to basic usage

We have worked at improving basic usage of the browser application in this version. We have made the following improvements.

The action to be performed when the back key is presses can now be customized

We have made it so the action of the back key when you can not go back any further can be selected. Up until now, you could only minimize the app, but from version 2.3 you can “close”, “minimize” and “close tab”.

Also, when you set it to “close tab”, if you close all the tabs, the app will close.

In order to prevent accidentally minimizing and closing the app, we have made it so the back key has to be pressed twice to minimize or close.

Setting to move to the left tab when the current tab is closed added

Up until now, if you closed the current tab you would be moved to the tab to the right, but from this version there is a setting to choose to move to the left too.

Hold down the back key to instantly close

A dialog to close the app is displayed when the back key is held down, but if you insert a check into “Do not ask again”, you will not need to confirm this next time, making it possible to instantly close the app. You can also choose to set the data to be deleted when closing.

Also, you can now decide to delete form data as one of the types of data to be deleted when closing.

Other modifications in version 2.3

The other modifications made in this version are as below:

  • Setting to choose whether to save form data or not added
  • Not running with x86 and MIPS devices issue fixed

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