Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.8.1) released

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So what do you think about the recent release of Sleipnir which binds related tabs?

Opened tabs are cleverly managed by the links they are opened from so that they don’t get muddled together and are so easy to keep track of. Opened tabs become easier to find, closing tabs gives you piece of mind.

And so, in today’s latest release(3.8.1) of Sleipnir 3 for Mac, related tabs has been implemented with an ever more spectacular function. When tabs are closed, moving to the left or right tab has become even smarter.

Download Black Edition from the product page

Sleipnir determines whether to move left or right when a tab is closed by the binding. This makes it so that even if you close a tab, the next opened tab will be a related tab.

When a tab is closed, related tabs are prioritized for the tab to go to. 

This version also includes the following improvements and fixes.

  • Import  bookmark, history, search engine data from other browsers
  • Improved tab drag actions
  • Improved TiledTab actions
  • Improved initial start-up actions
  • Improved reliability of actions


Please try out Sleipnir – the browser with extremely smart tabs!

Download Black Edition from the product page

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