Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.4 released! View tabs offline

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Today, Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.4 now with the ability to save contents of open tabs so that you can view them offline has been released!

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Display offline (Android OS 3.0 and later)

If you use a smartphone you can usually view web pages whenever and wereever you are, but even the mighty smartphone can sometimes have trouble connecting underground and in between mountains.

I do love the cute droid but I still don’t want to come across this page.

With the newly added “Show offline”, you can now view web pages even when you can not connect to the internet. Using it is simple. Just view the page you want to save in Sleipnir Mobile!

Web pages that have been loaded are automatically saved as files so there is no need to perform any special operations in order to view them offline.

So, there will never be the dilemma again where you can’t view the page you wanted to read while on the train.

By using show offline, when you restart the app with tabs from the last session, the time it takes to get web page information is reduced resulting in reduced packet transmission fees and faster loading!!!

And, what is more, pages are not just merely captured, so you can also select text and links in pages too!

When showing offline, a clock mark is displayed in tabs.

So let me just summarize it up for you. If you use show offline in Sleipnir Mobile…

  1. You can view web pages underground!
  2. You can save money when using packet transmission!
  3. Loading is fast!
  4. Page links can be used!

* The show offline function can only be used in devices using Android 3.0 and later. Please understand that this function can not be used in devices using version 2.x.

Stop garbled text with text encoding settings!

We have also added a text encoding setting because of the many requests from our users. For example, if you view Japanese pages, depending on the encoding of the page, text might appeared garbled. Please change the text encoding if this happens. This can solve most text garbling issues.

This can be found in the action panel from the icon located at the top, second to the right.

Other modifications in 2.4

The other modifications made are as below.

  • Support added for calls from Google Voice Search
  • Data types that can be erased from settings screen increased
  • Ad block page renewed
  • German language support added´╝Ü
    Thanks! Alexander Sone Militzer


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