Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.8.4) released

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Today, we have release the latest update for Sleipnir 3 for Mac.

In this release(v3.8.4), you can now prevent closing certain tabs you want to keep by protecting them! Also, with improvements such as binding tabs even in TiledTab, TiledTab has also evolved another stage.

Download Black Edition from the product page!


Protect tabs to keep them open

You can now protect tabs to make sure those sites you often use such as Facebook and Gmail are always kept open.

With this, you are able to do things such as opening links in new tabs from Facebook and then closing all tabs except the protected Facebook tab in one go. Browse as normal and then go back to the original state almost instantly.

A protection method that is just right for the Sleipnir that binds related tabs. Closing all bound tabs can be done with Command + Shift + W.

Double Click to Protect
Double Click to Protect

Double-click tabs to protect them.

Confirmation is necessary when closing protected tabs.

Even prevent closing when pressing W during tab switch. This movement is one to remember!

Quickly manage tabs using TiledTab

The powerful tab management tool that can view over all tabs and manage them called “TiledTab” has evolved another stage!

Bind/split tabs

You can also bind and split related tabs in TiledTab.

Manage tabs just the way you want to!

Drag bindings and connect to another…

Tabs in bindings can be brought out!

Arranging tabs can also be done.

Speedy actions with your mouse and keyboard

Open tabs specified by the cursor with the space bar key, and also close them with Command + W.

This is perfect for those of you who leaves one hand on the keyboard while browsing. Use this to close tabs really fast.

And of course, you can operate fast like usual with your keyboard and mouse.

Manage tabs with an overwhelming speed.

We have also made other improvement to the bookmarks screen and environment settings. Please enjoy your browsing with the tab management function that enables fast tab operations only available with Sleipnir 3 for Mac!

Download Black Edition from the product page!

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