Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.8.5) released

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Today, we have release the latest update for Sleipnir 3 for Mac.

In this release(v3.8.5), tab switching using the keyboard has been completely renovated by making it possible to return the page you just viewed instantly from any tab!

Also, smart search is now supported! Just by selecting text, you can instantly search and look up in dictionaries.

Download Black Edition from the product page!


Switch tabs to recently viewed pages

You can now instantly go back to the page you were just viewing using the Command + F1 tab switching.

Even when you want to sidetrack during your daily browsing, you can still quickly switch tabs.

Aligned in the order you viewed them.

You can switch consecutively by holding down on the Command key.
Now, you can select them with the mouse too.
You can close them straight away by pressing the W key.

If you have a US keyboard, then of course you can use Command + `. Furthermore, you can also select option + tab from the settings.

Smart search

You probably search for words that you are interested in while browsing the web, right? Sleipnir can now achieve what you want using a method much faster than right-clicking and copying.

We have implemented a smart search function to search and look up in dictionaries by simply selecting text on pages.

Search for a word you don’t know.

A word you don’t know appears on the page!

Even Wikipedia is shown.

Search service shortcuts

You can input a vast range of search services in the Sleipnir search field.

Now, you can set text shortcuts to each of the services so that you can directly search specific search services when inputting keywords.

When you input the set short text(shortcut) keyword…

The search service is shown.

Shortcuts can be set in “Search services” of environment settings.

Other modifications

  • Reload without using cache (Super reload)
  • Security environment settings
  • Add tab context menu
  • Reliability when tabs are closed improved
  • Reliability of Site Updates improved
  • Bookmark sync reliability improved
  • Improved actions when phone numbers are set as links
  • Improved reliability of actions

The best point of the freely moving tabs using just Command + F1 (option + tab) of tab switching is that you can easily use it with just one hand! Try switching tabs while drinking coffee, playing around with your iPhone, or brushing your teeth!

Download Black Edition from the product page!

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