Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.5.1 released!

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Today, Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.5.1 now with the ability to open all kinds of links using Hold And Go has been released!

Sleipnir Mobile for Android product page

Sleipnir Mobile on Google Play

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The holding down of links to open them in the background of “Hold And Go” is now available for all links

We have improved the Hold And Go function which opens links in new tabs in the background when held down.

Up until now, it had not been possible to open links and buttons with Hold And Go that go to other pages using JavaScript, but now it is also possible to open those links in new tabs with Hold And Go!

The “open links you are interested in in the background for later using Hold And Go” style of Sleipnir Mobile has got even better! Please try it out!

Other modifications in 2.5.1

The other modifications are as below:

  • Start up speed and rendering while scrolling speed improved
  • Action performed when pressing the back key of device modified
  • Tab flick feeling modified
  • Application not closing properly when auto-sync of bookmarks on fixed
  • Pasting of text not working in devices using Android 4.1 and later fixed


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