Sleipnir 3 for Mac (3.9.0) released

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Sleipnir 3 for Mac was updated today! In the latest version(3.9), you can now open the right-click menu from smart searching! You can use copying and Web inspector from smart search too!

Furthermore, we have also made detailed usability advances such as opening multiple selected links in one go and adding support for international URLs.

As usual, this is the preceding release for the Black Edition. The Black Edition is free so please feel free to install it right away

Download Black Edition from the product page!!


Open copy and Web inspector from smart search

We have improved smart search to be able to instantly search just by selecting text! You can call the menu that opens by right clicking from smart search.

This makes it possible to easily open copy and web inspector just be selecting!

The functions you often use such as copy and web inspector can also be used from smart search!

Open selected links in one go

How do you usually open a number of links you want to open such as the number of “top 10…” available?

Up until now, it has been necessary to click each one individually.

In the latest version of Sleipnir, you can open them all in one go!

When you select and right click, you will find “Open All Links in Selection”.

They are all lined up in new tabs.

Modifications made in this version

In addition to the above, the follow modifications have been made.

  • Open context menu from smart search: Copy and more can be used without right clicking
  • Support added for international URLs
  • Not being able to show the next article on Site Updates fixed
  • Improved actions when protected tabs are closed
  • Smart search actions improved
  • Reliability of actions improved

Make use of smoother than ever Sleipnir on your MacBook, iPhone and iPad and more while at home with the family for the festive season.

Download Black Edition from the product page!!!



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