Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.8.3) released!

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Today, Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.8.3) was released with fixes to reported issues.

Download Sleipnir 3 for Windows (3.8.3) here

Extract from release notes

■ SuperDrag Extension link operations not behaving based on Sleipnir tab adding settings fixed

Link operations being different to that of when tabs are added in Sleipnir fixed. We have also fixed security settings not be inherited for added tabs.

■ Sleipnir 2 bookmark groups can now be imported as folders

Because Sleipnir 2 bookmark groups are saved in a different file to bookmarks, it is required to select the destination to import from when the import dialog is displayed, and then select FavoriteGroup.ffg after changing the type of file to “Sleipnir 2 Favorites Group (*.ffg)”.

■ Navigation sometimes failing on start up fixed

There have been reports of navigation not working when tab restoration settings have been set. Up until now, even about:blank tabs have been restored in Sleipnir 3, but this has been changed to meet the Sleipnir 2 specification which does not restore about:blank tabs.

Please check out the release notes for further information.

SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.0 β version that can be linked with Sleipnir 3 released

Please note that this will not be available from the official SnapCrab for Windows page. You can only download it from the link provided below for a limited period.

・SnapCrab for Windows 1.1.0 β version download

■ Posting to image sharing service Flickr added

We have added support for Flickr so those of you who create blogs and create data online can make the most of it. You can use it just like with posting to Twitter and Facebook. When you first try to use the service an OAuth authentication dialog will be displayed. Please authenticate your Flickr account.

■ Hash tags when posting to Twitter can now be edited

Up until now, hash tag #SnapCrab has been added when posting to Twitter, but now has been changed so hash tags are inserted in the input box. If you do not need the hash tags you can edit or delete them.

■ Full-screen capture of web pages through linking with Sleipnir 3 for Windows made possible

You can now perform more than the same that is possible with Sleipnir 2 and SnapCrab. It is required to install Sleipnir for Windows 3.8.3 released today in order to use this function. Because you can switch between WebKit and Trident rendering, this is great for create data to compare designs of web pages by engine used.

You can easily capture from the SnapCrab panel if you have SnapCrab for Windows running or residing in the task tray, but you can also use the keyboard shortcuts below. (Keyboard shortcuts can be customized in SnapCrab for Windows from the settings section)

– Capture displayed area of web page  Ctrl+Print Screen
– Capture all of web page  Shift+Print Screen

Users of Sleipnir 2 for Windows

We have received feedback from users of Sleipnir 2 such as “Twitter and video sites are slow and actions are not stable”. These issues have been solved in Sleipnir 3. Please try out the latest version of Sleipnir 3. (Sleipnir 3 is installed in a separate location to Sleipnir 2 so you can use both applications)

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