Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.6 released!

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Today, Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.6 with better performing gestures that makes browsing so much more enjoyable has been released!

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Never experienced before enjoyable tab switching

We have added a tab switching gesture for switching pages one after another that is just so fun to use.

Swipe horizontally from one side of the screen to start it. Tabs are switched between one after another when you slide your fingers depending on the distance moved. Once your desired tab is shown, remove your finger to switch to that tab.

Auto-scrolling can be very useful when you can not reach the tab you want.By holding the left/right edge of the screen, tabs automatically scroll and can be switched between.

You can also switch to the far left tab / original tab / far right tab by moving your finger to the button displayed at the bottom of the screen or tapping with another finger.

It feels really great to be able to switch between tabs while checking content with natural actions. This is perfect to use on tablet devices and when in full-screen mode. Make sure to check it out!

Gesture to open new tabs and gesture to open bookmarks screen

We have added a gesture to open new tabs and a gesture to open the bookmarks screen.


Down→Left opens a new tab. Up→down to edge of screen opens the bookmarks screen.

By adding gestures to quickly call functions you often use, usability has been improved. Now you access usual sites and bookmarks instantly even when in full-screen mode!

Customize left and right swiping gestures

We have made the highly requested gesture customization feature available for some kinds of gestures.

You can now modify gestures with left/right swiping, swiping left/right from edge of screen, up→left/up→right.

Combine them the way that best fits your style of use.

Other modifications

The other modifications made are as below:

  • Address bar and tab actions modified to support pages that did not support scrolling
  • Improved accuracy of full-screen gestures
  • Improved scroll grip accuracy

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