Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 2.1.4 released!

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Today, the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad (2.1.4) was released!

In this version, you can now open copied addresses with one action without the need to paste-in  addresses into the address box.

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Paste and open

Up until now, when you wanted to copy an address from another app into Sleipnir Mobile, it was necessary to select the entire address field and then paste. The characteristic iOS text selecting style is quite problematic.

The new Sleipnir Mobile “Paste and open” opens addresses in one go without having to do this operation.

In iOS where you can now select the default browser, don’t you think it is a needed function?

Copy in another app…

Tap the address field in Sleipnir Mobile.

Paste and open with one tap without the need of bothersome text selection.

Setting to open bookmarks and search results in active tab

Adding to the impressiveness of the easiness of tab usage in Sleipnir Mobile, bookmarks and search results can be opened in new tabs.

Even if you open many tabs, unlike Safari, you can quickly switch between tabs with 1 tap, and you can quickly close a number of tabs by swiping tabs downwards.

However, if you are using one of the older models of iPad, etc., then your device may not have so much memory which may mean you want to use it without increasing tabs.

So, for those of you thinking this, we have prepared a setting for opening bookmarks and search results in the active tab.

You can find it in “Tab” of the settings screen. Please modify it to suit you.
“Bookmark” settings  are also reflected when opened the history.

Other modifications

  • Reliability of saved tabs improved so they can be read offline
  • Reliability of actions improved


Please try out the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile that makes it even easier to copy and open pages from other apps!

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