Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 2.2.0 released!

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Today, the latest version of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad (2.2) was released! In this version, full-screen mode in portrait view has been redesigned. You can now use the action panel and bookmarks when in full-screen!

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New tool bar for full-screen

We have renewed portrait full-screen mode, making it possible to use the tool bar. This makes it possible share to Facebook and Twitter, and use read later services such as Readability and Pocket while in full-screen mode!

The tool bar is temporarily shown when the screen is tapped in full-screen mode.

If you setup the free Fenrir Pass service, 
you can use most of the main services available such as Facebook and Google+, and even Pocket, Dropbox and Evernote.

“Open in Safari” is also available. If you can’t find it just flick the action panel to the side.

Support added for Passbook

You can now use Passbook! You can use it to add tickets, coupons, shopping carts, and more on the web that can be added to Passbook!

When you tap on tickets or coupons on web pages, the add to Passbook screen is shown.

Improved actions when saving images

Images can be saved to Camera Roll or inside Sleipnir when held down in Sleipnir.

In iOS 6, access to Camera Roll is required to be permitted by the user. When you first try to use this to save an image, you should be asked by iOS6 to allow permission.

With these improvements, when access is not allowed, it is shown that you can not download. In order to allow access, open the Settings app, and turn Sleipnir on in “Photos” of “Privacy”.

Also, if you want to save image links, please turn off Hold And Go in the Sleipnir settings.

Please enjoy the festive season with the newly renovated Sleipnir Mobile that lets you freely browse the web like usual even in full-screen mode

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