The ultimate advance in Web browsing without an address bar, Sleipnir 4 for Mac released today!

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Sleipnir 4 for Mac

Today,  we introduce to you Sleipnir 4 for Mac. Yes, “4”.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac is the ultimately advanced browser now not even using an address bar.

 Sleipnir 4 for Mac

In the first major update for the Mac version, we have completely overhauled the design!

The features such as the easy to view thumbnails for viewing what pages look like, the search field for finding pages you want to open in the quickest possible time have been added to the breathtakingly beautiful and simple toolbar.

The height of the toolbar so beautiful and sharp is only 54 pixels. The toolbar that is far narrower than all the other main Web browsers out there demonstrates the advanced design of Sleipnir 4 for Mac.

The original style that has been innovative and symbolic until now has evolved to another level, being reborn as the most advanced Web browser out there.

To find out just how much Sleipnir 4 for Mac has advanced, please checked out the renewed product page here.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

So, let us move onto introducing the characteristics of Sleipnir 4 for Mac.

Quickly find tabs with the easier to view thumbnails

In Sleipnir 4 for Mac, the thumbnails that display the contents of pages like they are have been placed in the easiest to use location in the tool bar.

Compared with before, today we can send messages, talk with friends and shop on Web sites, so it is becoming more and more common place to have many different pages open at the same time. With Sleipnir 4 for Mac, you can leave open more Web services and sites in a way that is easier to view and use.

There is no longer any need to rely on the shrunken title to find tabs like when tabs previously became smaller and smaller when opening more of them.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

Even if you open a number of tabs and scroll to the side, the current tab will not become hidden.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

What? Where’s the title? is probably what you just thought. The page title is shown when the cursor is brought to the tab or when switching tabs. This has been designed so that you can check the page title when it is most necessary.

Advanced design

These days, rather than directly inputting addresses(URLs), users are much more likely to perform searches or open bookmarks. Regardless of this, general browsers have a large box for inputting addresses occupying the majority of the tool bar. Sleipnir has boldly rearranged these elements, obtaining both modern logic and simple beauty.

If you click the address you can modify it. All the necessary functions are available.

“Portal Field” for finding pages you want to open in the shortest time possible

The new Portal Field” in Sleipnir 4 for Mac has been designed so that you can open pages you want to open in the shortest time possible from searches, bookmarks, history and more. Because the candidates are displayed by site, unlike the hard to view unorganized list used in general Web browsers, everything is shown in a short easy to view list. We draw the line at just a mere “address bar that can also search”, providing a simple yet advance function that can be used to directly go to the page you want to open in one go.

The candidate list for Portal Field have been designed to be short, easy to view and select.

The overwhelmingly slim toolbar that demonstrates the advanced design

Through designing what a Web browser should like from scratch, we have also made a more compact tool bar. The tool bar far narrower than all of the other main browsers makes it possible to view the screen with plenty of room without getting in the way of your Web browsing. Regardless of how thumbnails have been displayed until now, this super slim and beautiful Sleipnir can be called the evolution of the Web browser.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

The far left is Sleipnir/Full scale/January 2013 latest version comparison

Sleipnir 4 for Mac is the ultimately advanced Web browser with the most evolved design.

For new users

Sleipnir 4 for Mac can be download from this page. The installation guide will be displayed straight away after starting the download.

When installing, your bookmarks, history and more can be imported from the browser you previously used so that you can start browsing just like usual when you start using Sleipnir 4.

For previous users

A vast range of features have been added to Sleipnir 3 from the initial release up until v3.9.5. The features that you wanted may well have been added since you tried Sleipnir 3 out. If you are reading this page then this is a good opportunity to find out. Please try out the latest installment, Sleipnir 4!

For updating

Users who have used Sleipnir 3 Black Edition until now can automatically update to Sleipnir 4 just like usual. All your data will be transferred too. We hope you enjoy using Sleipnir 4 too!

About the Mac App Store version

The Mac App Store release of Sleipnir 4 is still under preparations.

Furthermore, due to restrictions in the Mac App Store, there are differences with functions and release speed between the 2 versions.

Sleipnir 4 (Black Edition) released on our Web site is also free. Updating is also automatic. We are always trying to provide the best browsing experience through Sleipnir, so please try out Black Edition!

Please check here for the differences between the Mac App Store version and Black Edition.

So, please try out the modern, beautiful Web browser with advanced design and functions, Sleipnir 4

Download Black Edition from the product page!!!



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