Sleipnir 4 for Windows 4.0. released

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Sleipnir 4 for Windows has just been released!

This release has not been like normal, but today is the official release of the true Sleipnir 4 (4.0.0) Web browser.

Since releasing Technology & Design Build ~ Final Build, not only from Sleipnir 2 users, but also users switching from Sleipnir 1 and other browsers are also showing high praise. So, We would love for users using older versions and users who moved to other browsers to try out this latest version.

・Download Sleipnir 4 for Windows

Looking back at how Sleipnir 3 became Sleipnir 4


→ 2013/01/29 Sleipnir 4 for Windows Technology & Design Build (3.9.0)

→ 2013/02/26 Sleipnir 3 for Windows Final Build (3.9.1)

→ 2013/03/26 Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.0.0)

We will introduce some of the functions already introduced before but from a slightly different perspective. (For standard introductions to the functions, please check out the links above)

This changed in Sleipnir 4 for Windows (Comparison with 3.8.4)

Along with removal of Aero in Windows 8, we completely renewed the UI(skin) focusing on Aero.


We have made the Web browser more light-weight along with reducing the number of UI parts used to achieve high rendering speed. Higher rendering speed has resulted in faster tab switching and overall processing.

When creating the new UI, we discussed about the problems when creating the Sleipnir 3 UI with the designer and received requests such as “a relaxing design that can be used over long durations”, “more lightweight and a reduction in the number of parts used for faster loading”, “Visually easy to recognize and simple tool bar icon design”, “removal of Aero”, “a compact design”.

Start-up time reduced by 30% – 50%.

We have achieved improved start-up speeds by implementation of a new UI, and optimizing extension load timing and Sleipnir initialization processing. Some of the Web browsers we have as our goals even with a clean install put up a good fight, some even come close, but once they have extensions added to them it becomes hard to compete with Sleipnir. Anyways, give it a try for yourself!

Neither a search tool bar nor a start page, the SuperSearch proposal.


For some reason, there is a certain number of people who do not use the search tool bar. We wonder if those people are opening search pages like Sleipnir Start? Personally, I like using Sleipnir Start over a search tool bar.

For example…

→ I have to move my vision to the edge of the screen so I don’t want to use it.

→ This can be said about other applications, but the search box font is too small

→ Increasing functionality makes the UI seem larger without any sense of evolution

→ Even though it is an essential function, the shading is too light (My personal impression)

SuperSearch starts up by the Ctrl + B keyboard shortcut, or with a double click of the mouse. It has become an all-in-one function with highly requested “Bookmark searching”, “History searching”, “Tab searching” being added, “Action search” for executing each of the Sleipnir functions, and finally adding a “multiple Web search with suggestions function”. When you want to check up on something, all you need to do is double right-click.

Talking of searching, SuperDrag Extension also solves the same problems, right? It’s just like that.

You can check out many of the features and improvements in the Technology & Design Build, Final Build, and also the Release Notes.

Sleipnir 4 for Windows development motivation (A slightly specialized motivation)

The concept of Sleipnir may be a little different to that of Sleipnir 3, as the result of spending all the necessary time to improve the operationability and performance of the current Sleipnir, and so prioritizing the addition of new functions, we have carefully looked into methods for making our work create a better product. This could be called a test to solve the “wanted to but couldn’t” of the usual release cycle. There are still many things that “we want to do but can’t”. If our users can understand this development concept, then we would like to continue the same test.

Furthermore, what is the reason that Sleipnir 4 was placed on the development track of Sleipnir 3…? Actually, it is a bit difficult to focus on how the concept of Sleipnir 3 has changed, but it is not just the looks where the concept has changed. Thoughts regarding designing has be completely updated, with a number of the problems that we were faced with in developing Sleipnir 2 being solved. Through strict management of rules regarding internal processing and implementation, we have dramatically improved the quality in coding. This is also why when implementing WebKit, improvement of quality went forwards very rapidly.

I want to develop a product that will be supported by many users, a product that can be recommended with self confidence to those around me, and be a product that I can say “I am fine with Sleipnir” even when becoming dissatisfied with other browsers out there.

・If you want to try out that kind of Sleipnir, click here!


・Download Sleipnir 4 for Windows

Please keep supporting Sleipnir in future too!

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