Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.8 released!

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Today, with even faster and more precise gestures, Sleipnir Mobile for Android 2.8 has been released.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android product page

Sleipnir Mobile on Google Play

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Aiming for perfection of gesture speed and accuracy

Here is a problem for you. The following two general patterns can be observed for inputting L character gestures. Why do you think this is?


Actually, the left image is when inputted using a left thumb, and the right image is when inputting using a right thumb. So, the answer is they differ due to which thumb is being used.

The development team are always performing experiments and improving the algorithm on the gestures just like this. We focus on pursuing gestures in Sleipnir Mobile that can positively work with just 1 step and not function improperly. Gestures have been faster and more accurate in this release. Please give them a go!

Simple and easy to operate user interface

The address bar at the top and the tab bar at the bottom have both been made opaque(not transparent), and the menu button has been placed at the top-right.


The areas of the page you can operate are always in focus making it easier to quickly perform operations without mistakes. With these adjustments, we are also adjusting the design so that the difference in size is not felt.

The height of the tab bar can be set to 2 levels (The above image is the lower setting). Furthermore, the address bar can be set to auto-display like previously.

Now available on Kindle Fire HD!


Sorry to have kept all you Kindle Fire HD users waiting! From today, you can download the package file(apk) from the product page. From today forwards, you can use Sleipnir Mobile for Android on devices that do not support Google Play.

Sleipnir Mobile for Android product page

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