Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 2.3 released, open pages one after another from any other app even on iOS!

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Today the latest version (2.3) of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad has been released.  In this version, even though it is on iOS, if Sleipnir is closed you can still open pages from other apps!

So for example, you can now open Twitter links in Sleipnir Mobile in the background!

Users may already have noticed that due to iOS system specifications, you can not usually open links from other apps in Sleipnir Mobile. However, this new function solves this issue.

Just copy to use it!

Let me introduce to you how to take the troublesome app linking of iOS and solve it in 1 step with lightning speed using “Copy from other app”!

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Copy from other app and open

Even when you are using another app, you can simply copy addresses and open them in Sleipnir Mobile.

The day when you can use Sleipnir Mobile from Twitter, Facebook, RSS reader or whatever apps you like has finally arrived!


When you copy, the page has been opened is notified at the top of the screen.
You can open this way one after another.


In most apps there is a function to copy links.
This is how it looks for Twitter.


Of course it is just fine to copy text too.
Futhermore, extra text causes no problems too!

This function is turned off to start with, so if you want to use this function, please go to the Sleipnir Mobile settings screen and turn “Copy to open” on.


Firstly, switch the setting on.

One thing to note is that due to iOS specifications, you have to wait 10 minutes since closing Sleipnir Mobile to be able to use this function. Once 10 minutes have passed, the system closes Sleipnir Mobile in the background.

Downloads continue even when Sleipnir Mobile is closed

Now even when you close Sleipnir while downloading files, downloading continues in the background.

So even if you are downloading a file that may take some time, you can leave Sleipnir Mobile to check your mail or play some games.


Of course, once downloads are finished you are notified.

This also due to iOS specifications works for 10 minutes after closing. Please be careful when downloading very large files.

Close all tabs when exiting Sleipnir Mobile setting

We have prepared a setting for closing all tabs when exiting Sleipnir Mobile. You can find it in “Startup and Closing” of the Sleipnir Mobile settings screen.

You would probably be a bit troubled if it closed when you have a sudden call or checking your mail. So, we have made sure that it does not close for 4 minutes.

Even when Close All Tabs is set, when you need to do something else there is no problem leaving Sleipnir Mobile for a while.


Protected tabs are kept. If you protect tabs you always use
you can have unnecessary tabs automatically close.

 To experience opening pages from other apps in 1 step please update to the lightning fast latest version of Sleipnir Mobile!

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Furthermore, from this version, Sleipnir Mobile app information displayed at the top of the setting screen has been renewed. Please also support Sleipnir 4 for Mac that we have also been working hard on lately!

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