Sleipnir 4 for Mac (4.2) – The advanced Web browser achieving both “Go back” and “Tab switching” with just 1 flick!

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Sleipnir 4 for Mac

This is to notify you about the release version 4.2! Yes, today we have just released Sleipnir 4 for Mac (4.2) , the ultimate advance in Web browsing without an address bar.

With the new touch gestures in the latest version, you can perform both “going back” and “switching to adjacent tabs” with just 1 flick.


Furthermore, this isn’t something which you have to toggle in the settings. Going back/forwards and tab switching are both always 1 flick.

Download Sleipnir 4 for Mac

So, let me introduce to you about the go back and tab switching in just 1 flick not available in other major browsers.

Going back and tab switching both in just 1 flick

Both tab switching and going back are functions that you probably an uncountable number of times on a daily basis.

General browsers only control go back and forward with left and right flicking. However, compared with going back, going forwards is rarely used ending up in nearly always using right flicking.

Even though flicking is faster and more accurate than all other gestures, we end up using the same direction over and over. We can call this making the most out of flicking.

On the other hand, tabs are both laid out to the left and right.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

So, in Sleipnir 4 for Mac, you can flick left and right to go to horizontally displayed tabs, and flick from the top of the page downwards to go back.

Move from tab to tab while opening countless tabs by simply flicking, and in the same amazing fast way, also flick downwards to go back.

With the “1 flick” exceptionally modified for your pleasure by the engineer of Sleipnir 4 for Mac, you can both switch to left and right tabs and go back and forwards.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

We have finally arrived at an advanced design that can achieve both going back and tab switching in just 1 flick.

In Sleipnir 4 for Mac, we have designed the limited operations of flick operations to be beautiful and logical, achieving a way to use 2 functions at once that you would never have thought possible.

Switching to adjacent tabs

Flick left or right to switch to adjacent tabs in Sleipnir 4 for Mac. Even if you have a large number of tabs open, you can flick through them in no time by consecutively flicking.

We have designed the Web browser so that you can use it quickly while operating many tabs to go back and forth through the pages you want to browse.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

Move to adjacent tabs by flicking left or right.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

The integrated feeling of consecutively switching like you are flowing through is the feeling you’ll want to keep to touching with.

Pull downwards to go back/forwards

In Sleipnir 4 for Mac, flick and pull from the top of the page downwards to go back.

If you are using a Trackpad, you can go back whenever you want by flicking downwards from the top-edge of the Track pad.

Without even moving the cursor, go back with simply 1 flick.

In the same way, you can go forward by flicking from the bottom-edge of the page or the Trackpad.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

When you pull downwards, the page you were previously looking at appears from the background.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

With the Trackpad you can pull down to go back even from within the page.

Tab operations like closing and restoring also by gestures

Furthermore, Sleipnir 4 for Mac is prepared with a vast range of touch gestures for closing tabs, reloading tabs and more, so you can complete most of your operations with just your fingertips.

The trickiness of having to aim for and click small buttons is a thing of the Web browser of the past. Troublesome keyboard operations and even moving the cursor is not necessary.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac

The advanced touch gestures of Sleipnir 4 for Mac have been fine tuned so that you can accurately and comfortably use them. We draw the line at merely providing common gestures that work. We provide something you can comfortably use.

Use from any device

Sleipnir 4 for Mac touch gestures can be used on any of the devices. Trackpad uses 2 fingers and Magic Mouse uses 1 finger. This is just like when scrolling.

Even though I call them touch gestures, you can actually use them on devices with no touch functionality such as standard mice, Track balls and pen tablets. You can perform the same actions as when touching by dragging with the right-button down.

We have prepared Sleipnir 4 for Mac with with touch gestures not offered by others so that you can quickly and accurately perform the operations you often use in your everyday browsing.S

By achieving going back with 1 flick while keeping the speedy switching of tabs, we have polished up the advanced design far exceeding that of other Web browsers in Sleipnir 4 for Mac to a level that is even harder to match.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac is the ultimate in advancement of the Web browser with the most evolved design.

Download Sleipnir for Mac

For new users

Sleipnir 4 for Mac can be download from this page. The installation guide will be displayed straight away after starting the download.

When installing, your bookmarks, history and more can be imported from the browser you previously used so that you can start browsing just like usual when you start using Sleipnir 4.

For previous users

A vast range of features have been added to Sleipnir 3 from the initial release up until v3.9.5. The features that you wanted may well have been added since you tried Sleipnir 3 out. If you are reading this page then this is a good opportunity to find out. Please try out the latest installment, Sleipnir 4!

For updating

Users who have used Sleipnir 3 Black Edition until now can automatically update to Sleipnir 4 just like usual. All your data will be transferred too. We hope you enjoy using Sleipnir 4 too!

About the Mac App Store version

The Mac App Store release of Sleipnir 4 is still under preparations.

Furthermore, due to restrictions in the Mac App Store, there are differences with functions and release speed between the 2 versions.

Sleipnir 4 (Black Edition) released on our Web site is also free. Updating is also automatic. We are always trying to provide the best browsing experience through Sleipnir, so please try out Black Edition!

Please check here for the differences between the Mac App Store version and Black Edition.

So, please try out the modern, beautiful Web browser with advanced design and functions, Sleipnir 4

Download Sleipnir for Mac

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