Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.1) released – Added bookmark editing function

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Sleipnir 4 for Windows released!

Today, Sleipnir 4.1 was released.

In Sleipnir 4.1, we have added a number of functions request by many users and fixed issues reported by users.

・Install Sleipnir 4 for Window

Function for organizing bookmarks by folder added

Up until now, organizing using FenrirFS labels was possible, but now we have added a function to organize bookmarks with folders. After investigating into how many and how people manage their bookmarks we found out that there are even cases where users organize thousands of bookmarks.

You can use this function from the bookmark panel button or from Bookmark|Organize bookmarks. Please also use it to organize bookmarks synced from Sleipnir Mobile using Fenrir Pass.

Hover button added to SuperSearch

We have a number of responses regarding the SuperSearch function that can search across the Web, bookmarks, history and open tabs. It seems that there are a number of users that do not know how to display it using double-clicking or keyboard shortcuts, or find it difficult to remember. In order for uses to be able to always know that SuperSearch exists, we have added a hover button in the browser view to open it.

For users who feel that double-clicking and keyboard shortcuts are enough, please set the setting to OFF.

4th and 5th button added to mouse assignments

This is also a function requested by users. We have increased the number of functions you can assign.

Please use it from Customize|Mouse|Mouse alias.

Option for showing warning when closing Sleipnir added

Sleipnir sometimes closes unexpectedly when a vast number of tabs are open. There have also been a number of requests to warn before closing. Especially on Windows 8, there are many functions at the corners of the screen leading to users accidentally closing Sleipnir when it is maximized.

The default is OFF. You can change the setting from Start/Home|Exit.

Individual settings for your bookmarks for each folder

You can now use individual settings for each folder. For someone like me who only registers certain bookmarks they are very useful.

WebKit updated

Sleipnir now uses the the same WebKit engine as Chrome 26. We usually don’t introduce outside the release notes, but CPU usage has been lowered, really speeding up page loading. In the environment we use here for testing, we found out that pages loaded even faster immediately after start up by changing the settings below.

【How to set up】
Engine option|Internet options|Connections|LAN settings
Please set “Automatically detect settings’ to OFF.

(If at work, please check with the network admin if you can change this)

Fixes to issues reported by users

We have fixed a number of issues such as the issue where the about:blank tabs is left when starting up with parameters and incorrect actions when restoring tabs with navigation lock.

Thank you for reporting these issues.

Please check the release notes for detailed release information.

・Sleipnir 4 for Windows release notes


We will continue to develop Sleipnir so that it can be used by as many users as possible. If you know anyone around you who doesn’t know what browser to use, please recommend Sleipnir 4 for Windows!

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