Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.1.3) released

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Sleipnir 4 for Windows released!

Today, we released Sleipnir 4.1.3

In Sleipnir 4.1.3, we made one of the SuperDrag Extensions called SuperView more powerful. One of the improvements we made is setting a system so that processes are split up to resolve memory shortage issues, and the other is the long requested multiple running of SuperView.

・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows

System to resolve memory shortage when using SuperView

Because SuperView uses the same process as Sleipnir, there has been a JavaScript memory leak issue occurring with the Trident engine. To reduce the burden of this issue, we have prepared a setting to toggle executing SuperView in a separate process. The default is “Execute in separate process”.


Multiple running of SuperView

We have provided an option switch to make possible multiple running of SuperView which was requested by so many users. The default setting is “Do not allow multiple running”, so please allow multiple running if it is desired.


SuperView can be started by dropping with the ALT key held down links that are being dragged from in Web pages. Also, it is possible to open tabs in separate windows by dropping them into the Web page. This makes it possible to surf the Web while watching YouTube videos.


Plus fixed issues

We have also fixed incorrect actions of the mouse and keyboard and Sleipnir taking a long time to exit.

Please check the release notes for further information.

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