Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 2.4 released! “Reserve” links you want to view from any iOS app, and open them on your Mac at home!

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Today, the latest version(2.4) of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad was released. In this version, links you want to view can be “reserved” from any app on iOS and opened all together on your Mac at home!

When you reserve links found in apps such as Twitter and Facebook, they are all opened on your Mac for you when you get back home!


Furthermore, Wi-Fi is used meaning no Web services are required. Also, as everything opens automatically, you won’t miss opening any links you wanted to view. It all links as if all your apps on your iOS device and your Mac are directly connected!

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Reserve links found in other apps for your Mac

If you find a link you want to open on your Mac later when using other apps, all you have to do is copy. There is no need to even switch apps because Sleipnir Mobile in the background reserves copied links for you to be opened on your Mac.

For example, don’t you wish you could open on your Mac in these situations?

  • When you want to view the full site instead of the contracted mobile page
  • When you want to view pages using Flash
  • When you want to download files
  • When you want to open Mac App Store links
  • When you currently want to go through all of the Twitter timeline
  • When SNS iOS apps only have basic functions


Because all you have to do is copy links, you can use this in the same way in any app. The app being used does not need to support any special services.


When you copy, a notification is displayed at the top of the screen.

Because most apps such as Twitter have copy link functions, you can copy and reserve one after another. Even if unnecessary text is mixed in the copied text, Sleipnir Mobile cleverly reserves only the link.

The “Copy from other app and open” of Sleipnir Mobile is a revolutionary function that can be used on iOS as if Sleipnir Mobile is the default browser. The now added reserve for Mac function has expanded this to your Mac at home (Of course you can open in Sleipnir Mobile in the same way).

Reserve for Mac from Sleipnir Mobile

Tap the Mac icon in the action panel when using Sleipnir Mobile. You can reserve to Mac when you find Flash pages while browsing. Furthermore, you can also directly open pages on your Mac that you can not open on iPhone such as Mac App Store links, and download buttons on pages by simply tapping.


You can reserve by tapping the Mac icon in the action panel.
The icon also displays the number of reserved links.


Mac App Store links that you can’t open on iPhone are sent with a tap to your Mac.


When you press the download button on pages, “Download on Mac” appears.

You don’t need to make the effort to download on your iPhone and then transfer it on.

Open reserved links on your Mac

Links reserved to be opened on your Mac are opened together on your Mac once automatically connected. Wi-Fi is used to connect.


It automatically connects to the setup Mac on the same network.

When out and about and without your Mac, reserved links are opened together after automatically connecting.

Using this way, unlike general Web services, an account is not needed, and you will never forget to open those pages you wanted to view. Plus, because they all open when you connect,  there is absolutely no need to click any links.

The latest version(4.3) of the advanced Web browser Sleipnir 4 for Mac released at the same time is used in order to opened links reserved in Sleipnir Mobile.


Even when Sleipnir 4 for Mac is not open, the new menu bar icon notifies you of any received links from your iPhone. Plus, of course everything can be opened with 1 flick.

With this new Sleipnir Mobile that can now reserve to Mac, you can find anything whenever and wherever you found the link from your Mac.

Please update right away to the lightning fast Sleipnir Mobile that now opens everything on your Mac in 1 step from any app!

Check Sleipnir Mobile in the App Store

Furthermore, due to the iOS specification, the reserve from other apps function can only be used for 10 minutes after closing Sleipnir Mobile.

After 10 minutes passes, Sleipnir Mobile in the background is terminated by iOS.

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