Sleipnir 2 for Windows 2.9.17 released

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Today, Sleipnir 2.9.17 was released.

We have taken some measures to deal with the freezing when searching in issue.

If necessary, please install Sleipnir 2 for Windows and try it out.

Cause of this issue

We have received reports that  Sleipnir freezes in environments with Internet Explorer 10 installed when being taken from Rakuten jp search page to the product page.

We conducted through testing after receiving the reports, but we have detected that the same issues have been occurring in many browsers using IE components and have also received similar information from users.

We have therefore taken measures to reduce the impact of this issue in Sleipnir 2.9.17.

We would just like to note that his issue does not occur when using the WebKit engine in Sleipnir 3/4. This issue does occur when using the Trident engine, but we are planning to release an update to solve this issue in the near future.

For those of you who still thinks Sleipnir 2 is slow and unstable

We have received feedback from users of Sleipnir 2 such as “Twitter and video sites are slow and actions are not stable”. These issues have been solved in Sleipnir 3. Please try out the latest version of Sleipnir 3. (Sleipnir 3 is installed in a separate location to Sleipnir 2 so you can use both applications)

Download Sleipnir 3 for Windows here

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