Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.1.4) released – Now with an easier to use SuperView and bookmarks panel

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Sleipnir 4 for Windows released!

Today, we released Sleipnir 4.1.4

In this release, we have added “Open in SuperView” to the tab context menu, and made improvements to the UI such as adjusting the bookmarks panel.

・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows

Open in “SuperView” added to tab context menu

SuperView is a function that can open the current tab or link destinations in another window. This function has now become even easier to use because you can now open the current tab from the tab context menu in a new window.


Of course you can still drag and drop tabs while holding down the ALT key just like before to perform the same action.

Bookmark panel UI adjusted

We have made some adjustments to the UI so the panel is easier to use.

First of all, we cleaned up around the panel tabs to make the displayed area larger. Please look below at an image comparing the differences. The left one is from this release, the right one is the previous panel. You can probably see how it has become slightly larger.


Furthermore, we have added a popup/dock switch button, so now the button for displaying the panel only switches between showing and hiding the panel.


The actions in the previous versions were closer that to of Internet Explorer, but we believe that this is a little easier to use.

Modifications made to prioritize plugin shortcuts such as Flash

Up until now, Sleipnir shortcuts have received priority and so when using Web pages using Flash, the special shortcuts could not be used.

So, we have made modifications so that plugin shortcuts such as for Flash are used by default.

However, there may be users our there who want to have Sleipnir shortcuts prioritized like usual so we have provided an option. If you want to prioritize Sleipnir shortcuts, please check the option shown below.


Application freezing when searching on Rakuten issues tackled

In order to tackle the issue where Sleipnir freezes when being taken from the Rakuten search page to the products page in environments using Internet Explorer 10, we have added to the Trident compatibility view settings.

Fixes made to issues reported by users

We have made fixes to issues reported by users such as not being able to scroll with the wheel in the browser view when the bookmark panel is displayed in a popup.

Please check the release notes for further information.

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