Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.3) released ~ Blink engine support added to official version

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Sleipnir 4 for Windows released!

Today, version 4.3 of Sleipnir for Windows was released.

In this release we have officially added support for the Blink engine which is being implemented in the Chromium project.

・Install Sleipnir 4 for Windows

Comparison between Blink engine and WebKit engine 2: Appearance

There are no changes in appearance compared with the WebKit engine version used until now, so please feel assured that users of Sleipnir can keep browsing like usual.

WebKit version – Sleipnir 4.1.4

Blink version – Sleipnir 4.3

Comparison between Blink engine and WebKit engine 2: Speed

Just like previously we made a comparison using the  Octane JavaScript Benchmark.
※Due to using a different computer compared with previously, the measurements have become lower overall.

WebKit version – Sleipnir 4.1.4

Blink version – Sleipnir 4.3

Through the measurements obtained from our team, we can tell that there is a 9% speed increase. Please try out this new boost in speed.

Please try out the new Blink engine version of Sleipnir 4

Please try out the new version of Sleipnir 4 that is now 1 step faster that the previous WebKit engine version.

Sleipnir 4 actually supports both the Blink and Trident engines, and of course you can still use your Chrome extensions just like in the WebKit version.

Further details can be found in the Release notes.


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