Made possible by being a browser, browsing with a flick and the perfect articles for you! Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.0 released!

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Sleipnir Mobile

Today, we notify you of the biggest ever update for Sleipnir Mobile. The release of  Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.0!

In this major update (3.0), using a mechanism made possible by being in a browser, we have added “Site Updates” where you can always find the pages you want to check out.

Sleipnir Mobile now recommends you the latest articles of your favorite sites, and pages your friends are talking about

Unlike general news services, this is incorporated into a browser so without any effort you can find countless¬†perfect articles you won’t want to miss!


Furthermore, we have quickly added support for the just released iOS 7 and completely renewed the design.

Site Updates, open it for something perfect for you. Check out the explanation below!

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The ever wiser Site Updates using the possibilities of a browser

Site Updates is displayed when a new tab is opened. In the Site Updates screen, images are displayed along with the articles recommended by Sleipnir Mobile.

The articles shown become more and more suited to you, the more you use Sleipnir Mobile. Sites you often visit are automatically added and sites you don’t visit often gradually disappear.

Without the need to be aware of anything, this feature becomes wiser by simply browsing the Web.


Recommending the latest articles based upon your actual browsing is a unique feature of Sleipnir Mobile made possible by being in a browser. You can use it to find sites you are interested in one after another.

Immediately after installation, pre-installed sites are displayed in Site Updates, but after a short while of using the browser, it changes to reflect the browsing of the user. The sites to be displayed are decided all on your local device, so there is no need to worry about privacy issues.


Plus, when you tilt your device, it looks like there is depth to the content.

You won’t miss the pages your friends are talking about

Pages on Twitter and Facebook your friends are talking about are also shown on Site Updates.

Sleipnir Mobile recognizes people often opened from Site Updates as important and prioritizes them in the order of displaying.

This means that you won’t miss pages being shared by people you care about.


Even links that have flowed out of visibility in the Twitter client can be found here.

What’s more, because this is offered in a browser, you can also go to other pages from the opened page and add the page to your bookmarks right there.

This function uses the default iOS Twitter and Facebook account settings. Immediately after starting, there may be occasions when there are no pages, but they will be displayed after a little while.

iOS 7 support plus design renewed

We have added support for the latest iOS 7 and completely renewed the design.

With the thumbnail tabs modified to be even more easier to press, the full and spaciously displayed Web pages, and the light and colorful colors perfect for the hot new iPhone, both the images and functions have been completely revised.


The fastest tabs around that can be used straight away whenever you want to
have been redesigned to be brighter and easier to use.


Light and colorful colors have been added, perfect for the hot new iPhone.
We recommend switching between the tab groups in 6 colors matching each of the body colors of the new iPhone 5c.


The action panel has also become easier to understand.

Sleipnir is the best choice as the Web browser best suited to iOS 7.

You won’t stop flicking when you find article after article perfect for you in Site Updates.

Please try out tab switching in 1 flick in Sleipnir Mobile on your iPhone from now, the mobile browser with the fastest tabs!

Download Sleipnir Mobile in the App Store

Furthermore, from this version onwards, only iOS 6 and later will be supported. Even if you use an unsupported version of iOS, you can continue to use the currently installed Sleipnir Mobile on your device.

Another thing to note, Site Updates and other new features only work in iOS 7. Please update to iOS 7 to experience the completely renewed Sleipnir Mobile!

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