Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.0.1 released with fixes to crash issue and improved stability

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It has been detected that in the recently released Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.0, the application crashes under certain conditions.

Today, we released the update 3.0.1 to fix this issue.

For effected users, stability has been improved, and many reported crash issues have been fixed, so please feel safe in using this latest update.

We also detected that bookmarks were being mistakenly cleared by the Sleipnir Mobile reset function. We have also dealt with this issue.

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The detailed updates are as follows:

– Crashing depending on homepage settings fixed
– Crashing when tabs are closed issue fixed
– Stability when tabs are saved improved
– Not being able to view certain sites issue fixed
– Action when long pressing on links improved
– Save “Usual Sites” data to bookmarks
– Site Updates actions improved
– Reliability of actions improved


Thank you for using Sleipnir Mobile.

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