The luxury, advanced Web browser drawing text beautifully like professional tools on PC too – Sleipnir 5, released today!

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Hello to all you Windows users!

Today, I’d like to notify you about an update.

Yes, let me introduce to you Sleipnir 5!

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

Sleipnir 5 isn’t just something with that innovative design, it’s the luxury advanced Web browser with even displayed pages being beautiful.

All the text you see on the Web from now is made beautiful and easy to read.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

When browsing the Web everyday, the thing that meets your eye the most is probably text.  Through repeated unique adjustments to the font rendering, Sleipnir 5 draws beautiful, easy-to-read text on par with professional graphics tools.

With the appearance of this Sleipnir 5, the jagged text of the previous age has finally become something of the past, so you can now get hold of the luxury of viewing the Web with modern, beautiful text on your PC too.

The number of advanced features in Sleipnir 5 can be checked out from the all new product page here.

Download Sleipnir 5

So, let’s get down to introducing Sleipnir 5’s features.

Font rendering mastering luxury

Today, just how many thousands of characters have you seen on the Web?

Text can be found on any page. The Web browsers that display this text can actually be called “tools for reading text”.

Regardless of this, browsers until now have displayed text as jagged retrogressive characters. The design with readability and beauty originally found in fonts has unfortunately been rendered roughly stripped of its former glory.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

Sleipnir 5 brings out the original beauty and readability of text through repeated unique adjustments made to the font rendering. The rendering that can be distinguished at a glance is just like the finishing touches of a professional graphics tool.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

The Wikipedia articles you have read until now have all been beautifully rendered.

With Sleipnir 5, you can get your hands on the luxury of browsing the Web with beautiful text of professional quality on your PC too.

The ultimate advanced design

Since its appearance, the design of Sleipnir for Mac continuing at being the most advanced around has been inherited and further evolved.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

The toolbar, beautiful and so sharp that you’ll feel your finger would be cut by touching it, makes a strong appearance on Windows too. All the necessary functions have been fitted into the mere 54 pixel narrow toolbar.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

The thumbnail tabs for easily previewing the contents of tabs don’t shrink even when many are opened. In the Windows version, the page width in thumbnails have been optimized and made easier to distinguish.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

Addresses are displayed at the top-right. Click to edit them.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

In the advanced Portal Field, you can type in the page you want to see to open it.
In the list organized by site, you can open with little effort and input Web searches and addresses.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

In the new function “Site Updates”, the latest articles of sites you often visit can be found in new tabs.
Through safe local determined personalization, the articles perfect for you are shown.

Sleipnir 5 for Windows

Of course, you can use gestures just like before. Sleipnir 5 has added touch screen support so that you can actually flick the screen to close and switch tabs.

Sleipnir 5 is the advanced Web browser mastering luxury where you can view modern, beautiful text on  your PC too.

For users of previous versions

The advanced Web browser Sleipnir 5 is installed anew on your machine. Even if you are using Sleipnir 2 or Sleipnir 4 already, you can keep using your previous version. Please relax and feel free to test it out.

About the high speed Web browsing of Sleipnir 5

Sleipnir 5 uses the same Blink rendering engine used in Google Chrome so it is overwhelmingly fast and stable. Furthermore, the large number of Chrome Extensions can also be used.

Start using in just 2 steps

You can go from installing to importing in Sleipnir is just 2 steps. Bookmark data, etc. from IE, Chrome and other major browsers can be imported. Of course, you can quickly import from previous versions of Sleipnir.

Please enjoy the advanced Web browser that has mastered luxury – Sleipnir 5!

Download Sleipnir 5

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