Including the new and now colorful “Usual Sites”! Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.1 released

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Today, Sleipnir Mobile has been updated. In the latest version 3.1, we have made it possible to use “Usual Sites” due to the overwhelming number of requests we received.

We have also made improvements to full-screen mode.

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So, let me introduce to you the new “Usual Sites” and other improvements!

The more colorful “Usual Sites”

When a new tab is opened, you can quickly open the “Usual Sites” already registered.

Usual Sites can be found to the left of Site Updates which delivers recommended articles. When you flick to switch, the next time a new tab is opened, Usual Sites will appear.


Colors matching the thumbnails are inserted making it colorful!
Also, the title is also shown. To register again hold down.

Full-screen mode improvements

This is one area we have also been able to make improvements to thanks to a number of requests.

The top and bottom bar are hidden when in full-screen mode. Please tap the bottom of the screen when you want to use the toolbar or tab bar.

Sleipnir Mobile

Web pages are shown in a spacious screen.

Sleipnir Mobile

When you try to return to the top, a small toolbar call button appears.
Furthermore, you can always temporarily use the toolbar by tapping the bottom.


Incidentally, the status(screen with clock) bar can be shown/hidden from the Sleipnir preferences.

Other Modifications

Including the above, the following improvements have also been made in version 3.1

  • Usual Sites has been added to Site Updates: Register your usual sites to open them quickly.
  • Toolbar actions in full-screen improved
  • Timing when using Hold And Go on links adjusted
  • Pages sometimes being downloaded issue fixed
  • Error page being shown unintentionally fixed
  • Restoration dialog being shown unintentionally fixed
  • Improved so bookmarks are protected on restoration
  • Stability improved


Thank you for your continued support of Sleipnir Mobile.

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