Sleipnir 4 for Windows (4.3.3) released!

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Today, we have released Sleipnir 4.3.3 with some improvements and new Blink engine.

Download Sleipnir 4 for Windows web browser

* If you click the link, the download will begin.

Title text of unread tabs is colored


Title of tabs that are not shown yet (tabs that are opened in the background, restored at launch, etc.) is displayed in blue text.

Text is colored by default, so if you wouldn’t like to color it, please uncheck Customize|Tab|Tab|Change text color unread tab.

Added actions to Mouse Alias


Added actions to Customize|Mouse|Mouse Alias.

This enables you to assign various functions to the mouse, for example opening the book mark editor with double click.

Updated the Blink rendering engine, support for Internet Explorer 11

We updated the Blink rendering engine to the current latest version, 31.0.1650.63.


 It will support Internet Explorer 11 as well.


For further improvement informations, please refer the release note.

Download Sleipnir 4

* If you click the link, the download will begin.

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