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Today, I’d like to announce the release of an update of Sleipnir 4 for Mac. In the latest version 4.4, our original new tab page “Site Updates” has been completely renewed.
Not only its colorful outfit, but its algorithm got hugely smarter, which enables you to explore recent articles of frequent websites and pages your friends are talking about one after another.

We also dramatically improved the performance of pull down gesture (navigate back) and made the animation of entering TiledTab with pinch in intuitive.

Download Sleipnir 4 for Mac

Let me explain you about the advanced design of the new Site Updates.

Colorful and smarter new Site Updates

One of the Sleipnir’s advanced design, “Site Updates”, you can check out plenty of updates of your frequently visited sites.

We have renewed our article selection rule in this update, so that you can find more articles that you could be interested in.


These colors are selected from the tint of the pictures in the article.
It doesn’t just simply use the dominating color in the picture, but recognizes the key color of it.
If it’s a portrait, the picture is trimmed where the face is included!


You can exclude sites you don’t want show with the button to the right of the site name.
Excluded sites will no more appear in Site Updates.

You can show pages that your friends on Twitter or Facebook mentioned as well. Sleipnir gradually understands information sources you are trusting and gives priority to them.You’ll never miss tweets flowed away on your timeline.


First, click “Show Now”.
OS X 10.8 or later is required, since it uses Twitter/Facebook authentication system of OS X.


Pages your friends talked about are shown in balloons.

Site Updates utilizes site’s RSS feed. Displaying recommendations based on the sites you frequently visit, you’ll be able to find websites that you missed, but you may be interested in. Sites that you wouldn’t notice can be unexpectedly found when a new tab is opened.

Sites are selected locally so that your privacy is secure. Not like Web services, Sleipnir has its advantage in personalization done only by browsing.

RSS tends to force you to check out hundreds of recent articles, but we successfully re-designed it to be more easy and fun.

Hugely improved operability of touch gestures

The performance of pull down (go back) gesture is enhanced! It’s almost a different thing.

There were some jerkiness in earlier versions, but from now on, the animation will be quite smooth. Issue where navigation may happen unintentionally when a part of the page is scrollable has also been fixed.

Please try it out if you turned it off in earlier versions.


Swipe horizontally to choose across tabs, pull down to navigate back.
Both go back and switching tabs are possible with a single swipe.

We also refined animation when entering the TiledTab with pinch in more intuitive.


In the TiledTab page, you can tabs quickly and drag find
to tab groups and other groups while overlooking the thumbnails of tabs.
Double-press of option key is another way to enter the TiledTab page

Other enhancements

This update also includes enhancements to show favicon in the bookmarks bar and improving the close tab button to a design easily clickable.


You can use the bookmarks bar in the Site Updates page, and configure to show it always from the “View” menu. It will be displayed with design which fits to each page.


We also made an enhancement to the “close this tab” button. Badges of tabs protected with double-click will turn to a button on mouse hover.

With Sleipnir 4 for Mac, you can find updates of your frequently visited sites and pages your friends talked about, only while browsing as usual. We have reconfirmed our state-of-the-art design of our browser once more with the new Sites Updates combined with the daily web browsing experience.

Sleipnir 4 for Mac is the ultimate advanced browser with the most evolved design today.

Download Sleipnir for Mac

For the newcomers

You can download Sleipnir for Mac from this page.
Installation instructions are shown during the download process.

You can import bookmarks and histories from your previous browser during the installation so that you can start browsing with Sleipnir as usual.

For the returnees

We added enormous amount of functionalities to Sleipnir 4 for Mac since the first release.

Maybe the function you wanted is already implemented. If you are reading this article, it’s a good opportunity to try out the latest Sleipnir again.

About the Mac App Store edition

We’re preparing to release this update on Mac App Store as well.

Note that Mac App Store version has some restrictions in functionality and release speed due to store specific restrictions.

Sleipnir(Black Edition)released on our website is also free. It can be automatically updated too.
Black Edition is recommended since we really want you to deliver the best User Experience!

See bottom of this page for differences between the Mac App Store edition and Black Edition.

So, please enjoy the advanced design with sorted out functional beauty of Sleipnir.

Download Sleipnir for Mac

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