Find tabs without scrolling, even if 100 tabs are open! Released Sleipnir 5 for Windows (5.1) and Sleipnir 4 for Mac (4.5)

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Hello, I’m Matsuno, UI designer.

Today, we have released the latest version of the state-of-the-art Web browser Sleipnir, Sleipnir 5 for Windows (5.1) and Sleipnir 4 for Mac (4.5) at the same time.

In this version, tabs can be quickly found on the toolbar, even if 100 tabs are open.Moreover, without scrolling!

Sleipnir’s original advanced tab operation “Thumb-roll” enables usable size and quick navigation to every tab at the same time.

Download Sleipnir (Windows / Mac)

How comes this possible at all? I’ll explain you in the continuation, so please take a look.

Tabs that can be found without scrolling: “Thumb-roll”

Sleipnir’s new tab operation “Thumb-roll” allows you to find tabs by only hovering your cursor.

Just hover and sway your cursor on a tab to smoothly navigate among all tabs. Every open tab is contained in the toolbar, so no matter of the number of tabs, you can find them only by hovering your cursor.

For example, imagine you can rapidly move to the 1st tab and 100th tab, or 70th tab too, even if 100 tabs are open!


Hover and sway your cursor over a tab.
Tabs move depending on it. No scroll is needed.


Hovering your cursor on overlapping tabs on the right and left side navigates you to the nearby tab.
You can find tabs like flicking through pages of a book with your thumb.


You can drag and group tabs or double-click to protect a tab
like ever before

Typical browsers get harder to operate when the number of tabs increases. So using them while many tabs open was difficult and you had to keep closing them manually.

Sleipnir’s advanced tab operation “Thumb-roll” keeps Sleipnir easy to use no matter of the number of tabs. It keeps operable size, but you can still get to every tab even without scrolling.

It can be stated that this is a design never existed before that enables both dynamic navigation and operability.

Enjoy the innovative design of Sleipnir that enables you to find 100 tabs without scrolling!

Download SleipnirWindows / Mac


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