Released Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.2 where you can share webpages you are viewing with LINE

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Hello, I’m Matsuno, UI designer.

So iOS was updated to 7.1, nice day for updating, isn’t it? Today, I’d like to announce the release of Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad.

In the latest version 3.2, you can share webpages you are viewing with LINE.

Download Sleipnir Mobile on App Store

We have also made many enhancements and fixes. Please continue reading for details.

Share with LINE

You can share the webpage you are viewing quickly with LINE. By tapping the icon, LINE app opens up where you can send a link to that webpage.


You can open LINE from the action icons in the middle of the toolbar.
Quickly talk about interesting webpages.

Improvements on version 3.2

  • Share webpages you are viewing with LINE
  • Supported saving of animated GIFs
  • Fixed issue where images may not be saved
  • Enhanced reliability of retrieving articles in Site Updates
  • Fixed issue where tabs may not open with JavaScript
  • Fixed issue where Sleipnir crashes if all items in Manage Passwords page is removed
  • Enhanced reliability of adding bookmark entries
  • Enhanced reliability of saving passwords on iPad
  • Improved behavior of showing bookmarks on iPad
  • Fixed issue where SiteUpdates is not added correctly while the first launch on some language environment
  • Fixed issue where bookmarks are not registered while the first launch on English environment
  • Fixed Russian search engine

Besides LINE we have added this time, you can share via email, Message, Facebook and Twitter as well with Sleipnir Mobile. If you have found any interesting webpage, you can talk about it anytime.

Thank you for using Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad!

Download Sleipnir Mobileon App Store

SNS account

We are tweeting about latest Fenrir product information on our official Twitter acccount. Please follow us to stay informed!

On the Facebook page of Sleipnir for Mac, we are communicating with users and posting latest information. Please like! our page!

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