New feature “FavTab” allows quick navigation, even if 100 tabs are open! Released Sleipnir 6 for Windows

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Sleipnir for Windows

Hello, this is Matsuno, the UI designer.
Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Sleipnir 6 for Windows.

This release is a major update. We have added the new “FavTab” feature, which allows the user to go directly to whichever tab they are looking for even with 100 tabs open.

This feature allows you to find the tabs you frequently look at instantly, even while browsing with many tabs open. Sites you plan on looking at again can be used easily without closing them, so the process of gathering information is faster. Also, because this feature uses tabs instead of bookmarks, you don’t have to worry about forgetting what is in a page or put effort into organization.

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Following is an introduction to the advanced design of the “FavTabs” feature.

“FavTabs” can be found even with many tabs left open

In today’s age of using the web for email, social network sites, and document creation, the ability to browse with many tabs open is an important consideration when choosing a web browser.

However, with ordinary browsers, the more tabs you open, the smaller and more abbreviated they get, and it can become difficult to use them. It has always been necessary to take the trouble of opening and closing the sites you view frequently hundreds of times, day after day.

With Sleipnir 6’s “FavTab” feature, a collection of of only your most used tabs is automatically created from within a plethora of tabs. You can browse with many tabs open without your most important tabs being buried, making them easy to find. This is very usable even with a large amount of tabs. Try finding information faster by leaving more of the sites you’ll view again open!

Sleipnir for Windows

To show the “FavTabs,” push the icon to the left of the tabs to bring up the cabinet screen
(you can also bring up this screen by double right-clicking the screen).

Sleipnir for Windows

A large “FavTabs” list is displayed in the middle of the cabinet screen.
This is designed so the user can find what they want at a glance amongst a minimized selection,
with tabs from the same site collected together.

Sleipnir for Windows

If a “FavTab” is closed, it can be found in “closed FavTabs” on the bottom.

FavTabs are automatically put into a collection using an original algorithm, based on the number of times and date a site has been viewed. Also, by dragging or adding a badge to tabs, they can be added to FavTabs at will, and can also be edited later.

Tabs that are not “FavTabs” are scrolled on the upper portion of the screen. Tabs from this area can be added to “FavTabs.”

More details about cabinet features:

  • the cabinet screen can also be brought up by double right clicking the screen
  • FavTabs can be dragged and sorted in an easy to use order
  • the name of a FavTab can be edited by clicking on it
  • using the menu opened from the icon to the right of the tab name, it can be managed further
    • FavTabs are displayed with tabs from the same website together in a collection (determined according to domain name)
    • each page in a site collection can be chosen directly and opened
    • the first tab visible in a site collection can be changed
    • tabs can be removed from FavTabs (this will return the tab to regular tab status)
    • tabs can be closed
    • the menu can also be opened by right clicking
  • FavTabs and other tabs can be moved by dragging them
  • the tab groups that appear in the toolbar can be changed by clicking on them
    • tabs can be moved to a tab group by dragging them to that tab group
    • tab group names can be edited

FavTabs can also be found on the toolbar

With the “highlight bar” displayed, FavTabs can also be found during regular browsing.

The highlight bar is displayed below the toolbar, and shows the position of a FavTab within your tabs using favicons. For example, imagine a user wondering where their Facebook tab is. The user would be able to switch to it instantly without searching by clicking the favicon.

Sleipnir for Windows

Users can find out where their FavTabs are at a glance. When searching for tabs with Thumb-roll,
you can count on your FavTabs to be in the right place when you need them.

Sleipnir for Windows

To display the highlight bar, right click the toolbar and select it.

Usable even with many tabs left open

With this update, the amount of memory used is kept to a minimum with any number of tabs open, and improvements have been made to maintain a feeling of smooth operability at all times. With Sleipnir 6, users are freed from the expectation that a browser with too many tabs open will be slow.

With conventional browsers, you have probably had the experience of opening and closing the same page hundreds of times. With Sleipnir 6, you can leave open any amount of sites to use today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Please enjoy using the increasingly advanced Sleipnir 6 browser. With the new “FavTab” feature, you can leave more tabs open than ever before!

Download Sleipnir 6

To our users experiencing problems with Flash

With this version, we have fixed the problems that sometimes occurred with Flash due to the Blink engine. If you have been experiencing problems with Flash, please try Sleipnir 6. We also plan on dealing with this problem in Sleipnir 4 soon.

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