Released Sleipnir 6 for Windows (6.1)!

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Sleipnir for Windows

Hello, this is Nishida.

Today, we are happy to announce Sleipnir 6 for Windows(6.1), which has newer Blink rendering engine and many improvements.

Download Sleipnir 6 for Windows

Updated Blink rendering engine

We updated Blink rendering engine to version 36.0.1985.143.
It fixes some problems about Flash, so please try version 6.1 especially if you have trouble about Flash.

More accessible cabinet

Now you can go Cabinet by keyboard shortcut: press alt key twice.

And we modified layout of Cabinet, improving usability.
“Closed FavTab” can be found in right-bottom corner of FavTab.


Added SmartSearch

Added SmartSearch, the feature to search selected words quickly, in various search engine.
SmartSearch popup will be shown when you select text in webpage.


Search configuration decides which icon should be shown in the popup. You can change how many icons are there in Customize dialog.

Other improvements

  • Added the feature that page search bar reflects what you searched in Portal Field and SDE.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

SNS links

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