We released Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad 3.3, which has more usable toolbar and fullscreen mode!

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Hello. It’s Matsuno, UI designer.

Today, we updated Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad! The latest version added option to pin toolbar, which has been expected so much, and improved fullscreen mode!

Moreover, we added the feature to edit Site Updates manually, to keep more tabs, improved “Hold and Go” and so on.

Then, we introduce details of improvements in following section.

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Option not to hide toolbar

Sleipnir Moblie hid the toolbar to expand web page area when you scroll,
but we have received a lot of requests to access bookmarks or other features quickly.

In response to such requests, we made toolbar can be pinned if you want.

You can pin toolbar by “Full Screen & Toolbar” options in settings if you need.


To pin toolbar, turn off the option of expand screen in “Full Screen & Toolbar” options.


You can show toolbar by scrolling up or tap above the tab
if you turned on the expand option.

Improved fullscreen

Sleipnir Mobile has fullscreen mode, too. When you toggle to fullscreen mode in action panel, you can see websites filled in the entire screen.


Fullscreen button is here.

Previously, it’s difficult to know whether fullscreen mode is active or not. In this version, fullscreen icon clealy indicates which mode is active.


Action icon in toolbar is changed on fullscreen mode.
You can see at a glance which mode is active.


Fullscreen icon on action panel is colored on fullscreen mode;
easy to check on/off.


If you want to use toolbar in fullscreen mode,
tap bottom of screen to show it temporarily.

Exclude specified web sites from Site Updates

The new tab page of Sleipnir Mobile, “Site Updates”, is feature to find articles you would like. The more you browse, the more your interests will be reflected in Site Updates. However you don’t want to see some websites in Site Updates.

In this version, you can choose the sites which is not shown in Site Updates.


If you want to hide, tap remove icon on upper right corner of the article.


We adopt blacklist method to hide the website parmanently.
You can check/edit the blacklist in settings, “Site Updates”.

And more awesome imporovements

This update has more improvements and fixes.


Enhanced “Hold and Go”, you can open tabs more easily.
Now Hold and Go allows your tap if your finger move little.


Changed design of active tab — its color indicates which tab group owns the tab.


Made tabs be kept on memory more efficiently.
Sometimes reloading tabs are still needed to avoid crash.

Full list of changes is here:

  • Added option not to hide toolbar
  • Improved fullscreen (you can switch fullscreen mode by the button in action panel).
  • Added feature to exclude specified sites from SiteUpdate
  • Added feature to scroll both rows of Site Updates at once : flick the border between two rows
  • Changed design of active tab
  • Fixed reload button, adjusted progress-bar
  • Enhanced Hold and Go: you can open links in new tabs more easily
  • Improved stability and reliability of bookmark sync
  • Improved reliability of bookmark when you have more than 1000 sites
  • Improved reliability when downloading a file
  • Changed behavior when you tap App Store link
  • Changed behavior when long pressing keyword suggestion (avalilable only on Yahoo! JAPAN)
  • Changed to keep tabs as many as possible even if available memory decreases
  • Fixed the issue of browsing some websites
  • Fixed the issue of search within a page when keyboard is splitted on iPad
  • Changed default settings, except Japanese language environment

iOS version requirements

This advanced version of Sleipnir Mobile is available for iOS 7 or later. Please consider updating to iOS 7 if you have not updated yet!

Currently we are also working to support iOS 8.

Enjoy Sleipnir Mobile for iPhone / iPad, fastest tab browsing ever!

Download Sleipnir Mobile on App Store

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